Enjoy a good stretch? That’s great, because keeping flexible goes with the territory in our applications development department. We’re finding new ways to get more people more fit and the web is a great way to engage our clients’ employees. We’re putting new features into our legacy programs – if you consider 2 years enough time for an application to become “legacy”, and we’re also experimenting with new ideas that jump from proof-of-concept to revenue-generating faster than you can put up a new EC2 image in AWS. So, if you’re ready to engage your skills in a dynamic environment, let us know.
We want to talk with you if:
· You are a PHP rockstar: you know your way around a few frameworks (Zend, to pick a random example), you think in terms of MVC, abstraction is your middle name (that, or BLL is), you take writing useful comments in your stride, you actually prefer to use frameworks and design patterns, and you can turn complex business requirements into clean, correctly behaving code.
· You play well with others: sometimes you’ll be the tech lead on a project, responsible for everything from realizing the wireframes to writing up the deployment instructions; other times, you’ll be a big part of a small team (all our teams are small!) with a role and a goal.
· You know more than just PHP: you can branch and merge in SVN, you use other scripting languages to make things work (Python or Perl), and you know a thing or two about getting apache to work the way you want.
· You’re familiar with the security issues in web application development and you avoid the most prevalent vulnerabilities as a matter of course .
· SQL is your friend: you know when to use sub-queries and when to use joins, you haven’t met a schema you couldn’t improve, and you know off-hand most of the date functions in MySQL (yes, we use MySQL for everything here).
· You aren’t restricted to server-side work: you could be a client-side developer if you didn’t like the heavy-lifting of server-side work so much – you know Javascript and JQuery perhaps; or you can emit HTML/CSS well enough to keep most browsers behaving.
· You are disciplined enough to work efficiently, track your progress, meet your commitments, understand how to spend your time, and be responsible for your part.
· You are comfortable (you might say “you prefer…”) an agile environment where proofs of concept, prototypes, and partial requirements abound.
· You understand our need for quality – you’ll have some fun with our coding test, but you’ll show your finest chops so we hire you for all the right reasons: API is world-class in everything we do.
· You are driven to continually improve the way you do things, and hence the way we do things – process is good.

About Athletes Performance:

Athletes Performance is the global leader in integrated performance training for the top athletes in the world. From our four world-class facilities in Arizona, Southern California, Florida and Texas, Athletes Performance trains the top Champions in Sport, including 14 2012 NFL first round picks, 87 MLB players in 2012 alone, and 3 of the final 16 teams in the 2010 World Cup, as well as elite military operators and leading teams globally. Our work at AP takes us to China, Germany, Argentina, the UK, and many places in between, as we are helping to power the performance of athletes around the world.

In addition to supporting top athletes and teams, we leverage our proprietary methodology and systems to help high school and college athletes, military personnel, and leading executives redefine whats possible, delivering unmatched results with a world-class experience. Athletes Performance was named one of Fast Companys 10 Most Innovative Companies in Sports in 2011, and is a fixture in top media outlets including the NFL Network, ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and Mens Health.

Founded in 1999 by industry visionary Mark Verstegen, Athletes Performance is a thought leader in the human performance space. In addition to athlete, military, and executive programming, AP is home to a Performance Innovation Team, a cross-functional team of experts that is constantly evaluating all programming and associated technology that the company delivers while driving innovation forward internally and with our team of leading partners. AP also has a dedicated Education team that conducts our industry-acclaimed Mentorship programs both at our U.S. facilities and around the world.

Athletes Performance created the Core Performance brand to help people live healthier, higher-performing lives. Today, Core Performance is the leader in proactive wellness, delivering measurable results through integrated, data-driven programs that are rooted in advanced science and research for employees and corporations. CP solutions are engaging, personalized, and sustainable, yielding meaningful results for employees and a competitive advantage for employers.

Athletes Performance Inc. is backed by Polaris Ventures, Walgreens Corporation, and ABS Capital. Along with our world-class investment team, AP is proud to have a team of leading partners committed to supporting human performance, including adidas, SKLZ, EAS, Sheraton, Keiser, Power Plate, Intel, Tignum, Axon Potential, and Zeo.

Everyone says they are offering a position in a fast-paced organization, then next thing you know you are dealing with the same stuff day in and day out. Thats not the case here. We are small. We are fast paced. We are growing faster than we can reliably maintain and thats where you come in.

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