$18 to $28 Hourly

Benefits Offered

Dental, Medical, Vision

Employment Type


Why Work Here?

“You get to work with all Trades furthering their construction goals. Take a look at my website:”

Helper Wanted. Learn a trade (concrete drilling & sawing) while you work!

Union after 60 days

About API Concrete Core Drilling:

I started API Concrete Core Drilling, LLC because I felt the need for a concrete core drilling business that would serve the customers, and not the other way around. Applying my 45+ years of experience in core drilling, GPR Concrete Scanning, and all types of concrete sawing, API CCD will efficiently plan and execute our customer’s projects. Our goal is to professionally support the customer’s schedules using the most efficient and effective equipment in the industry. API CCD is focused on responsiveness, safety, affordability, and quality service.
I want you, as Employees of API CCD, to join me on this journey. For those of you that have never been in the Construction industry before, I promise you will learn a valuable trade. For all, I promise you that you will look at new buildings and renovations and be proud to say, “I was a part of that!” Take a look at my website:
Paul M. Rivera
Owner, API Concrete Core Drilling, LLC