Hardware Assembly Technician

Agensys Corporation Sterling, VA, USA


$20 to $23 Hourly

Benefits Offered

401K, Medical

Employment Type


Duties And Position Requirements

The candidate will be responsible for the construction of modular electronic systems utilizing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and configuration using COTS and proprietary software. The candidate will have experience in the electronic and / or mechanical assembly process. The candidate will be required to work in an environment where teamwork and individual collaboration is essential to success.

Primary Responsibilities:

• Follow technical instructions, interpret engineering blueprints and technical terms.
• Discern quality of parts and materials used in production.
• Keep inventory of parts and tools used in the assembly process.
• Maintain the highest level of quality control and assurance in the manufacturing process.
• Follow all company guidelines and procedures and observe all safety precautions.
• Contribute to manufacturing improvements and processes using creativity.
• Maintain a well-organized and clean workspace.

Basic Skills and Qualifications:

• Excellent communication skills.
• Proficient in using power tools such as drills, power saws, and other tools.
• Proficient in using hand tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, cutters, etc.
• An ability to build electronic systems including wires, screws and electrical components in an enclosure.
• A basic understanding of computer operating systems and networking.
• The ability to operate or basic understanding or soldering techniques with experience.
• Experience in working with cable, wire and termination technologies.
• A basic understanding of simple test equipment such as multi-meters and cable testers.
• Create and interpret technical documentation.

Please note: RAP LCAT 6302 requires 2 – 4 years or experience with a Bachelor’s degree, and per RAP agreement terms and conditions, the adjustment of relevant years of experience for education using a Bachelor’s degree as the base requirement for this Labor Category is as follows:

+ 4 years for PhD;

+ 2 years for Masters;

– 2 years for Associates;

– 4 years for High School Diploma

Skills and Qualifications a plus:

• A fundamental knowledge of electronic theory.
• Excellent computer skills in installing, configuring, and running operating systems such as Windows and Linux.
• Very skilled in soldering techniques and possesses the knowledge of soldering standards.
• Skilled in the machining and manipulation of metal, plastics, and composites.

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