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Aviation Lavatory & Water Service Technicians - $10/hr

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Qualified applicants must be at least 18, with a clean driving record, able to pass drug screen, provide ten (10) years of employment / background history and be able to speak / understand English. Must be able to work nights, weekends and holidays. Bring your valid photo state issued driver's license and social security card with you when applying. EEOE

Other Benefits include: 401K plan, dental insurance, paid life insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, uniforms provided at no cost.

Starting Pay: $10.00/hr

Job Description:
Lavatory & Water Service Technicians
Driving service vehicles on the airfield operations area to approach aircraft and service the lavatory or water port on the aircraft. This postion requires frequent driving, walking, bending, climbing & reaching. Must be able to lift 25lbs consistently & up to 50lbs. All work is outdoors in all weather climates.

Bring your driver's license & social security card to:

8:00am –2:00pm
After hours by appointment only. Call 281-645-6821 for info/directions.

777 Benmar Drive
Suite 450
Houston, TX 77060
Enter recruiting center through blue door at the rear of the building.

Other positions which may be available:

AC Exterior Wash
Cleaning the outside of aircraft with soapy mop heads on extension poles, rinsing with washers or applying dry wash wax/soap and buffing off. This position requires some lifting of up to 50lbs, ability to work from a scissor lift and/or boom lift up to 40 feet in the air & constant overhead reaching & standing. All work is outdoors in all weather climates.
Changeout Crew Worker
Removing dirty aircraft seatcovers and replacing with clean aircraft seatcovers. This position requires frequent reaching, grabbing, pulling, bending to remove & replace covers. Must climb steps & carry 25lbs frequently & 40lbs occasionally. Work is performed inside the aircraft but must be accessed from the airport ramp.

About AccuFleet International:

Since 1981 AccuFleet International has furnished fast and flawless appearance care services for the aviation industry, from cleaning seat covers and cushions to carpets and exterior washing. Along the way we introduced better quality cleaning solutions, cost saving inventory management, incorporated the latest technology and expanded our services to include logistics, and FAA flammability testing.
From the beginning, aviation has remained our only emphasis and this focus continues today. Our first client is one of the largest international air carriers in the world. We are proud to say that we still handle all their interior appearance challenges and have been their exclusive upholstery manager.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas, we serve hundreds of aircraft each day through our multiple locations covering more than 25 airports in North America and Canada to deliver consistent quality, competitive pricing and world-class services.
AccuFleet International is an Equal Employment Opportunity Company.

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