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Indeed Sponsored Listings through ZipRecruiter

1. Why is ZipRecruiter offering Indeed sponsored listings?

We tested the cost-per-click results across a multitude of job boards and Indeed came out the winner. This is not surprising given that Indeed recently passed to become the BIGGEST job board on the web.

Indeed Chart

2. What does buying sponsored listings actually get me?

Sponsored listings are delivered on a cost-per-click basis. Your job ad will stay near the top of search results until your sponsorship credit runs out. Each click is a minimum of 25-cents, but in some categories they will cost more as there are more employers competing for those job seekers. Indeed will optimize your bid to maximize the possible visitors to your ad.

Indeed Screenshot

3. What if I fill my job before all my credit is used up?

If you close your job ad on ZipRecruiter before all your sponsored credit is used up, the remainder will be forfeit. ZipRecruiter passes the money to Indeed so we are unable to give ad sponsorship refunds at this time.

If you still have questions about Indeed sponsorship, don't hesitate to contact us or call (877) 252-1062 (6am-6pm PT daily).