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6 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Walnut Creek, CA for 2023

The top jobs in the Walnut Creek area can pay up to $154,487 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Walnut Creek area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Walnut Creek by salary. Three of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $84,390. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Walnut Creek here.

High Paying Walnut Creek Jobs

  • Data Scientist

    Data scientists collect, confirm, and interpret data to determine useful information for their employer. They help organizations identify patterns and trends in their data to provide information about lucrative opportunities, necessary improvements, and potential innovations. The information data scientists get from the records they gather helps businesses make major decisions in critical areas, such as product development, sales and marketing techniques, and client retention. Data scientists are highly educated; the majority of them have at least a master's degrees, and many have doctorates. Data scientists are valuable members of organizations in many different industries, including pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and banking.

  • Pharmacist

    A Pharmacist fills orders for prescription medications and instructs patients on how to take them. They may work in community or hospital pharmacies, universities, prisons, or for pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacists are responsible for monitoring patient prescriptions to ensure there are no drug interactions or other impacts on existing conditions. They inform patients of potential side effects and may offer immunizations, and should also be aware of the potential for prescription drug abuse. Pharmacists also need to understand insurance coding and how to process claims for patients. Outside of a pharmacy, they may work in other healthcare locations providing patients with medicinal and wellness information.

  • BCBA

    Salary range: $73,120-$87,964 per year

    BCBA stands for board-certified behavior analyst. They are mental health professionals who utilize data-driven techniques to treat behavioral problems. Their clients typically have social and emotional issues and may include elderly patients who have developed mental health difficulties and children with autism or another behavioral disorder. BCBAs usually meet with clients in their homes and observe their behavior, tracking numerous target points for improvement. They then implement a plan based on behavior psychology standards to treat these issues and monitor clients to help them achieve their goals. For example, a 10-year-old may have a history of kicking and biting others. A BCBA documents the number of times the child kicks and bites in a specified time period, implements a plan with the child's parents to reduce this behavior, and visits regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. BCBAs also collaborates with other medical staff and caregivers to determine the client’s progress and setbacks.

  • Esthetician

    Salary range: $32,436-$47,830 per year

    Estheticians are licensed skin care specialists who work in salons, spas, and resorts. They provide facials, waxing, wraps, scrubs, and other skin and body treatments on clients. They may also recommend cleansers, creams, and other skin care products and provide advice on skin care. Some estheticians, called medical estheticians or paramedical estheticians, work in medical clinics. Estheticians must have a license to practice in nearly all states.

  • CNA

    A CNA, or certified nursing assistant or certified nursing aide, is an assistant to RNs (registered nurses) and LPNs (licensed practical nurses) on the medical staff. CNAs to tend to the patients within their ward, completing tasks that the RNs and LPNs may not have the time to complete. In some cases, a CNA may be the medical attendant a patient interacts with most frequently. Daily duties for a CNA may include bathing and grooming patients, assisting patients with the intake of food or medicine, checking vital signs, and dressing wounds. A CNA ensures that all rooms are tidy and sanitized, bedpans are empty, and linens are fresh. Additionally, a CNA should be comfortable documenting their patients’ conditions and any changes that may have occurred to communicate this information to the assigned nurses or physicians for each case.

  • Caregiver

    Caregivers are professionals who help clients that cannot care for themselves, oftentimes with non-medical needs. Typical Caregiving responsibilities include tasks such as running errands, helping with personal hygiene, and working on mobility and exercise, but specific duties depend on the client and type of assistance needed. For example, an in-home Caregiver might focus on non-medical care, such as companionship, meal preparation, and light cleaning and organizing. Caregivers may work in client homes or in assisted living facilities. Ultimately, the focus of a Caregiver is to improve the quality of life of the client.