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25 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Schaumburg, IL for 2023

The top jobs in the Schaumburg area can pay up to $147,300 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Schaumburg area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Schaumburg by salary. Eight of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $72,355. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Schaumburg here.

High Paying Schaumburg Jobs

  • Nurse Practitioner

    Salary range: $106,100-$147,300 per year

    Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with additional responsibilities including prescribing medication, examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, and providing treatment, much as physicians do. Nurse practitioners are educated and trained to provide health care services, such as the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions.

  • Cyber Security

    Salary range: $109,000-$147,300 per year

    As a cybersecurity professional, you help protect sensitive data and information online and on your employer’s servers. You manage firewalls, encryption, and databases, working at all times to stay ahead of whatever security threats might be putting your employer at risk. Cybersecurity is never a completed task; you must continue to assess risks and implement updates to stay ahead of them.

  • Qa Tester

    Salary range: $67,300-$106,500 per year

    A QA (quality assurance) tester is someone who tests a product, usually before it is moved to production, to find defects or errors. The QA tester tries to use the product in typical and unusual ways to find any issues it may have. While this a general term used in most industries, the specific job duties vary significantly. For example, a technology QA tester examines software or websites for ease of use and relevant content. During the review, you record problems, known as bugs, and report them to the development team to be fixed. In the gaming industry, a game QA tester plays a video game with a critical mindset, assessing the functionality and overall experience.

  • Higher Education

    Higher education jobs are positions at postsecondary institutions, such as community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and research universities. There are many different kinds of jobs you can get in higher education, such as being an instructor or professor. Professors in academia perform both teaching and research duties, and they may also do some administrative work, such as chairing a department. You can also find purely administrative and support positions in higher education. Some of these include program directors, researchers, clerical workers, tutors, maintenance and facilities workers, and academic counselors.

  • Physical Therapist

    Salary range: $81,500-$105,600 per year

    Physical therapists, or PTs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, help injured clients with mobility and pain management. Individuals in need of rehabilitation or those who suffer from chronic conditions rely on PTs to improve their range of motion, strengthen injured muscles, and correct alignment issues. Physical therapists should have a thorough knowledge of a patient's medical history and should be in frequent communication with the patient’s primary care physician. It is also their job to track patient progress, modify treatment plans, and educate the patient’s family on stretches and other aftercare.

  • Registered Nurse

    Salary range: $64,300-$102,100 per year

    Registered Nurses, also known as RNs, provide hands-on patient care. This includes developing a treatment plan for the patient, administering medications and injections, inserting catheters, performing physical exams, and reviewing and updating patient medical records. As you gain more experience as a Registered Nurse, you might also assume supervisory responsibilities over Licensed Practical Nurses and RNs with less job experience. In short, it’s your primary responsibility to identify and assess your patients’ healthcare needs and maintain or improve their medical outcomes to the best of your ability. You might find employment in diverse settings, including hospitals, physician offices, nursing homes, clinics, and telehealth platforms.

  • Nursing

    Salary range: $73,200-$101,600 per year

    Nursing jobs encompass a number of positions in the health care industry. There are several levels, including registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants. Each position has different duties and functions. RNs are responsible for much of a patient’s primary care, including educating them on health and wellbeing, managing disease, recommending alternate treatments, and providing emotional support. Nurse practitioners have additional duties and specializations, such as midwifery and assisting in anesthesiology, which require high levels of education and training.

  • Technical Writer

    Salary range: $58,900-$96,200 per year

    A technical content writer prepares documents which explain highly specialized concepts from technical fields such as web design, computer science, engineering, and science. Technical content writers draft many types of documents including code documentation, instruction manuals and user guides, articles, and reports. To be successful, technical content writers must be subject matter experts in the fields for which they write, or they must be competent researchers who can quickly assimilate new information into writing projects.

  • Welding

    Salary range: $47,600-$69,700 per year

    Welding jobs are any jobs that include metal welding as a significant part of the work. There are many different fields that require welders, including manufacturing and construction. As a welder, you are trained to use a number of hand-held and automated tools to complete jobs. You use these tools to cut or fuse together metal parts. Other related positions include cutting, soldering, and brazing jobs. Other fields that have a significant welding component include ironwork and sheet metal work.

  • Lpn

    A Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, is a Nurse who performs patient care and administrative tasks. They work under the supervision of Registered Nurses and doctors. Some of the responsibilities of an LPN include, administiring medications, changing bandages, monitoring and documenting the patients health, supervising nursing aids, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. LPNs generally work in traditional health care settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes. They can also work in private homes if needed.

  • Insurance

    Salary range: $47,100-$65,300 per year

    Insurance premium auditors are employees of a variety of companies. You can work with businesses who specialize in handling premium audits, risk management, or business process outsourcing, but most available positions are with insurance companies. You can choose a field based on the type of insurance you’re most familiar with such as workers’ compensation, car, home, or life insurance, or choose a company that works with all insurance types. Some positions require working on the phone, while others require traveling within an assigned geographic area.

  • Truck Driver

    Salary range: $38,800-$64,800 per year

    A truck driver transports goods and materials. They usually go in and out of manufacturing plants, and distribution and retail centers, working day and night shifts. Truck drivers are a vital component of nearly every industry. A truck driver job usually requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL). CDL trucks need special licenses to operate because of their large size. Truck drivers must be able to maneuver these trucks for miles at a time, often in heavy traffic. It is essential to be alert and follow all roadway safety regulations. Driving a tractor-trailer is very different from driving a traditional vehicle; the driver needs to have superb anticipation to keep the load from shifting on a curve, or to maneuver steep grades properly. The trucks themselves have many gears, sometimes as many as eighteen, in the transmission. Trucks also weigh significantly more than cars and are typically between seventy to eighty feet long, which is why a truck driver has to be specially trained to drive these larger vehicles.

  • Personal Trainer

    Salary range: $39,800-$64,300 per year

    Personal Trainers are fitness professionals who are certified and educated in the fields of health and fitness. They help their clients reach their fitness goals by motivating them, teaching them proper techniques, and holding them accountable to their fitness and health goals. They also may keep data on their clients’ progress. Personal Trainers often work in fitness centers and gyms, community centers, and even corporate settings.

  • Hotel

    Salary range: $35,800-$62,800 per year

    Hotel jobs are jobs at hotels, motels, or other lodging establishments, such as a bed and breakfast or retreat. Your primary job duties depend on your position at the hotel. Housekeepers, for example, are responsible for ensuring that each guest’s room remains tidy and supplied with necessary amenities. Hotel desk clerks, meanwhile, are responsible for checking in guests and providing them with information about the hotel’s services and amenities. There are also a number of other service jobs connected to the hotel industry, such as chefs or room service workers.

  • Elementary School Teacher

    An elementary school teacher has many responsibilities, including creating and teaching classroom lessons, assessing student progress, attending meetings and professional development sessions, ensuring the safety of students, and communicating with parents. The duties of an elementary school teacher are to develop and implement educational programs in literacy, math, science, and social studies that are appropriate for the age and cognitive level of the students. In addition to teaching and grading, elementary school teachers also provide discipline and emotional support to students throughout the school day.

  • Nanny

    Salary range: $36,800-$55,000 per year

    A nanny plays a special role in a child’s life. Nannies are childcare professionals who assist parents with the day-to-day work of caring and raising children and are responsible for the children’s well-being and supportive of their emotional needs. As a nanny, your responsibilities may include preparing meals, dressing and bathing the children, arranging playdates, accompanying children to activities, and helping with schoolwork. Nannies typically work during the parent's work hours, but some families have nannies come early in the morning or stay at night until the kids go to bed. You may also be responsible for dropping off and picking up the kids at school and performing light housework.

  • Accounting

    Salary range: $38,300-$50,100 per year

    Accounting jobs constitute any role in which you prepare taxes, financial statements, and other official documentation related to financial reporting. As an accountant, you are responsible for ensuring that all records contain accurate information and that you make all tax and other payments in a timely fashion. While many accountants specialize in personal finance, you may be asked to audit a company’s financial records to ensure that the business is running smoothly and efficiently. If you find issues, you report your findings and make recommendations for how to improve company or organizational efficiency. You can also work in financial forensics and search for financial malfeasances, such as tax fraud or embezzlement.

  • Phlebotomy

    Salary range: $35,400-$46,600 per year

    Phlebotomy is the drawing or collection of blood for medical purposes, typically for testing, donation, or transfusions. A phlebotomist is a medical professional who draws blood. Phlebotomists mostly collect venous blood samples through venipuncture, using an evacuated tube system, though other methods may be used depending on the patient and purpose. Finger and heal pricks are also common. Phlebotomists may use additional equipment, including antiseptic wipes, gloves, syringes, and bandages during the process. They may also be responsible for maintaining blood draw equipment, preparing patients, and labeling and tracking blood samples.

  • Cna

    A CNA, or certified nursing assistant or certified nursing aide, is an assistant to RNs (registered nurses) and LPNs (licensed practical nurses) on the medical staff. CNAs to tend to the patients within their ward, completing tasks that the RNs and LPNs may not have the time to complete. In some cases, a CNA may be the medical attendant a patient interacts with most frequently. Daily duties for a CNA may include bathing and grooming patients, assisting patients with the intake of food or medicine, checking vital signs, and dressing wounds. A CNA ensures that all rooms are tidy and sanitized, bedpans are empty, and linens are fresh. Additionally, a CNA should be comfortable documenting their patients’ conditions and any changes that may have occurred to communicate this information to the assigned nurses or physicians for each case.

  • Data Entry

    Data entry jobs involve typing information into electronic formats, whether that’s word processing, spreadsheets, or specific software. It’s a great career option for detail-oriented people—or even those who prefer to work remotely from home. Data entry jobs typically use a computer to enter data or information, often from a hard-copy paper format, into a software application. Some positions may include scanning documents and using optical character recognition or OCR. Some examples of data entry job duties include transcribing, updating customer information, and entering accounting records.

  • Delivery Driver

    A delivery driver is a transportation professional who delivers well over short or long distances. As a delivery driver, you are responsible for delivering goods on time and with care, and tracking all deliveries. Depending on the job, you may be responsible for anything from supplies, to packages, to food—anything that can be delivered by vehicle. You may travel locally or long distances, requiring time away from home.

  • Receptionist

    Receptionists work in an administrative role in an office or other setting. They greet clients, patients, vendors, or anyone else who enters the company’s office or facility. The Receptionist is typically the first person you see representing the company, so part of their job is to make a good impression on everyone they meet. They also answer phones and other administrative tasks. Specific job duties depend upon the industry in which they are employed.

  • Dog Walker

    Salary range: $29,500-$40,300 per year

    Dog Walkers are hired by pet owners to take one or more dogs for walks. Pet owners often hire Dog Walkers during times when they are too busy to give their dogs the proper amount of exercise, if they are working extended hours, or going out of town. As a pet care professional, you need to know how to handle potential health problems or sudden aggression issues in your canine clients. You also must understand how to communicate well with pet owners and discuss any concerns you may observe during your walks. Your dog walking jobs allow you to interact with various dog breeds and dogs of all ages and personalities.

  • School Lunch Monitor

    Salary range: $29,900-$39,800 per year

    The responsibilities of a school lunch monitor include monitoring students and their behavior during meals in the lunchroom and referring problems to the principal or designated teacher. You ensure each meal service flows smoothly while communicating with staff and students professionally and positively. You assist with cafeteria clean-up and recycling, encourage good table manners and cleanliness, and dismiss students at the scheduled time. In elementary schools, you help open packages and milk cartons, cut food, clean up spills, accompany children to the bathroom, to the nurse, and more. Other duties may include attending training sessions, meetings, and deep cleaning equipment as needed.

  • Bartender

    Salary range: $19,600-$36,800 per year

    A Bartender’s job is to fill drink orders at a restaurant. They will either take orders directly from the customer, or servers will submit orders to the bar. They may mix cocktails, pour wine, or open beers, and may be responsible for handing drinks or food to customers sitting at the bar. Bartenders are also responsible for keeping the bar neat and clean, checking IDs, and serving customers with an appropriate amount of alcohol.