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25 of the Highest Paying Sales Jobs in 2024

The best Sales jobs can pay up to $195,000 per year.

Jobs available in the sales industry include working for retail businesses such as electronics stores, clothing outlets, department stores, and automobile dealerships. You can also work for companies that directly sell goods and services to other businesses such as suppliers, software vendors, and consulting firms. There are positions available in the pharmaceutical industry that entail selling prescription drugs to hospitals and private healthcare providers. You can also become a real estate agent or sell technical and scientific products as a sales engineer. Financial service providers require salespeople to understand their services and present them to people who may benefit from them. You can also sell advertising, insurance, medical devices, and products sold by various manufacturers.

The best jobs in sales provide high earning potential while complementing your specific background and experience. Healthcare is a growing industry and offers a lot of opportunity for salespeople. A software sales representative job has high earning potential, especially as computer technology continues to evolve and expand. Real estate agents also have great earning potential, especially as they grow their professional networks and enter into commercial real estate sales. Financial services sales agents also have a lot of opportunity selling to either individuals or businesses and offering services that produce a return on their financial investments, which can provide a virtually unlimited earning potential.

High Paying Sales Jobs

  • Vice President of Sales

    Vice presidents of sales oversee the sales department of a company. They develop sales goals and strategies designed to meet or exceed growth projections set by senior executives in sales, product development, marketing, and accounting. As a vice president of sales, your job duties include assessing your sales team's production and successful transactions, analyzing current sales processes, strategizing with sales department heads to increase sales figures and profits, and training employees in new products and services the company offers. For larger or high-profile clients, you may be involved in the sales pitch and negotiations with your sales team. You also create reports for the company's top executives on the performance of the sales staff and quarterly sales projections.

  • Territory Account Manager

    A territory account manager assesses a geographical territory for clients to increase sales goals or close a deal. They're also in charge of the sales team for the company. In this position, your job duties may include improving customer service, developing a sales plan, monitoring costs, compiling data, and creating presentations of the results. This career requires strong communication and management skills and may require significant travel. The qualifications needed for a career as a territory account manager are a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing and proven experience in the field.

  • Chief Sales Officer

    A chief sales officer (CSO) is a top executive at a company in charge of all the sales and marketing strategies for the business. Your duties as a CSO include aligning strategies and costs with the other departments, performing market research to develop new goals for sales, and overseeing customer service and employee training. Qualifications for the career include many years of job experience as a sales manager and a bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or a related field. A good chief sales officer also has strong leadership, analytical problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Commercial Director

    A commercial director is a senior manager whose duties are to develop a growth strategy for a business or organization. As a commercial director, your responsibilities include directing your department to research market trends, review the strategies and directives of other organizations in your industry, and design plans that encourage commercial growth. You are also responsible for creating relationships with new clients and solidifying those with existing clients. As the commercial director, you report to the CEO and consult widely with other department heads, particularly those in sales, marketing, and business development.

  • Sales Closer

    A sales closer finalizes a sales deal with a client. Your duties are to find prospects, follow sales leads, discuss terms with potential customers, and convince them to sign a contract. In this career, you work closely with other salespeople and managers to address short- and long-term sales goals and strategies. You may help develop sales scripts and oversee the training of junior sales people. Sales closers may work from an office or may travel to meet with prospective clients.

  • Director Franchise Sales

    A director of franchise sales is responsible for the growth and development of a franchise brand. Your duties involve forecasting industry trends and spotting new opportunities on a regional or national level. As a director, your responsibilities also include relationship management with shareholders and franchisees, lead generation for your sales staff, and other communication with clients. As the sales leader, you may take it upon yourself to close deals and sign agreements for new franchises or investors. You may also need to develop relationships with brokers and work with consultants to discern a viable sales strategy.

  • Channel Sales Manager

    A channel sales manager facilitates indirect sales deals to third-party resellers of goods and services. Job duties include training a sales team, building relationships with dealers and resellers, educating retail managers about products, developing sales strategies, and meeting sales objectives. The qualifications for a career as a channel sales manager are a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing, substantial experience in business development and sales, creative problem-solving skills, and leadership abilities.

  • Solar Sales Representative

    As a solar sales representative, you help sell solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers. In this role, you may evaluate the suitability of each location for solar systems, help create estimates for costs and savings, and answer any questions that customers have. You also develop strategic plans for sales areas, demonstrate the use of equipment, memorize information about currently-available products, and write summaries for customers to keep. Some solar sales representatives reach out to find customers while others exclusively respond to people who contact a company and ask for an assessment.

  • Pre Sales Systems Engineer

    As a pre-sales systems engineer, you work with customers to ensure product and solution offerings meet their business needs. Your responsibilities include presenting on the current status of development, finding solutions for problems identified during the design process, and providing technical support for delivery and deployment. Pre-sales systems engineers provide feedback to project managers and engineering departments, stay up-to-date with competitors, actively generate leads for potential customers, and collaborate to recommend new customer solutions. Frequent communication with clients is vital, and you use audio and video conferencing tools when necessary.

  • Sales Enablement Manager

    A sales enablement manager develops strategies and processes that optimize the selling system of their company to turn prospects into customers. As a sales enablement manager, your job duties are to create and implement onboarding and training programs for sales agents, identify opportunities for improvement of skills and best practices, reduce unproductive tasks, and connect sales and marketing business goals. The qualifications for a career as a sales enablement manager are a bachelor’s degree in business or marketing and several years of industry experience working in sales or marketing.

  • Salesforce Business Analyst

    A Salesforce business analyst uses the proprietary Salesforce software to provide business and information solutions and cloud computing services to customers. As a Salesforce business analyst, your duties include analyzing customers’ cloud storage needs and providing an assessment of the most appropriate products for the customer to use. You are responsible for writing reports and creating documentation for the client, as well as reporting to the project manager about issues related to the implementation or maintenance of cloud systems.

  • Printing Sales Representative

    A printing sales representative is responsible for the sales of printed goods for their company. To succeed in this job, you must actively create relationships with current and prospective clients, draw up contracts, bid on large-scale and commercial print jobs, and give the overall best possible service to clients. Your day-to-day responsibilities may include maintaining customer accounts, following up with former customers to ensure satisfaction or to help them reorder additional materials, drawing up presentations and proposals for jobs, and learning about new products or services available at your company. You may have additional duties as a printing sales representative that relate to marketing and advertising, especially if you work for a smaller company where roles overlap.

  • Forecast Analyst

    The job duties of a forecast analyst involve using inventory, sales, and production data and information about economic and market trends to predict future market conditions and demand for products. In this career, you use research, statistics, and data for computer modeling to inform or confirm your predictions. Your responsibilities are to report your findings to your supervisor or department lead and recommend production methods and quantities to meet future demand and maximize profits. You develop reports, production targets, and recommendations with the help of other analysts and statisticians.

  • Executive Manager

    An executive manager works to establish goals and a vision within a company. In this career, you work throughout the entire organization or business and develop policies, procedures, and budgets. You work closely with each department’s chief or executive and ensure the company is on a path to success. As an executive manager, you stand as the chief of any particular department. You can be recognized as the CEO or Chief Executive Officer, which works as an overarching executive manager. Other executive manager positions are the Chief Operating Officers, or COOs, and Chief Financial Officers, or CFOs. Qualifications for an executive manager position include years of experience in your field of expertise and strong leadership abilities. Executive managers typically have degrees, such as a bachelor’s or master’s in their respective field.

  • Sales Director

    As a sales director, your primary responsibilities are to find ways to increase sales and to lead your sales team to work toward and meet sales goals. Your job duties include conducting market research, analyzing sales reports, developing strategic sales plans, and training sales representatives and new managers. Your role as a sales director is all about getting results for your business. You need an in-depth understanding of the products your company sells and your target market to succeed in this career.

  • Senior Sales Executive

    A senior sales executive develops strategies to increase sales revenue for a business on an individual level and by guiding a sales team to success. The job duties of a senior sales executive include identifying target markets and prospective clients, building client relationships, analyzing sales data, developing a sales and marketing plan, and leading a sales team. This role requires leadership and teamwork skills, management experience, and knowledge of marketing methods and tools.

  • National Account Manager

    A national account manager develops, maintains, and improves client relationships across a large territory. In this role, your duties and responsibilities include meeting with customers to discuss their needs and how to meet them better as well as provide them with new products or services to try out. You may travel to locations on occasion, but you typically perform your work over the phone. You also direct junior account managers or regional salespeople to visit directly with clients. You work closely with the director of sales to ensure that your department is reaching sales targets and goals.

  • Account Director

    An account director is responsible for managing a group of clients on behalf of a company or advertising agency. In this career, your job duties include making sure that the accounts are profitable, responding to any issues reported by the clients of those accounts, and ensuring that delivery of products and services to that account occur promptly. The qualifications needed for a career as an account director include a bachelor’s degree in business management. You need strong communications skills and a creative mind.

  • Senior Account Manager

    Senior account managers monitor the needs of their clients to ensure products or services are provided correctly and on time. They also collaborate with the sales department to increase revenue and find new clients. As a senior account manager, you cultivate relationships with your clients, following their accounts to ensure they are satisfied with the level of products and services provided by the company. When necessary, you review their records and may offer upgrades that may help the client with their business. Senior account managers typically have several years of industry experience and may supervise other account managers. You find senior account managers in many different industries, including advertising, business, and health care.

  • Client Portfolio Manager

    A client portfolio manager oversees investment portfolios for individual or institutional clients. Their primary duties are to consult with customers about what types of investments they are interested in and present them with potential opportunities. A client portfolio manager may also oversee junior portfolio managers. Career qualifications include a bachelor’s in finance or economics, experience in the financial industry, and communication skills. People in this position often find employment at investment firms.

  • Surgical Sales Representative

    A surgical sales representative sells medical devices and surgical instruments for use in a clinic or operating room. Your responsibilities may include making presentations to surgeons, nurses, and other staff; demonstrating medical device operation; and handling administrative tasks as necessary. Other duties include attending team meetings, scheduling client proposals, traveling to hospitals to meet with prospective and existing clients, and attending conferences. In a lead role, you may oversee a team in a specific geographic area or division. A surgical sales rep often works in a competitive environment, so communication and time management skills are important to success.

  • Salesforce Administrator

    A Salesforce administrator’s duties are to coordinate and oversee various aspects of a company’s workflow, business operations, and productivity using Salesforce software. They work with end users, helping them resolve technical issues and developing new ways to manage and store data in a cloud environment. If a Salesforce administrator works more closely with end users, their responsibilities often involve utilizing the Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) tools to facilitate business relationships. Qualifications to become a Salesforce administrator include a bachelor’s degree and professional certification in the Salesforce platform or specific resources, such as the CRM tools.

  • Independent Sales Representative

    As an Independent Sales Representative, sometimes called a Manufacturers’ Representative, you work on commission for companies to sell their products or services directly to the customers. You may be in charge of a particular region, responsible for all the existing customers in it as well as finding innovative ways to gain new ones. You are responsible for developing and sustaining customer relationships, informing them about new products and services, troubleshooting problems, and answering questions. You should be an expert in your field and highly self-motivated. Independent sales reps typically represent a few, sometimes similar, products at the same time.

  • Senior Account Executive

    A senior account executive conducts market research and builds relationships with clients with the goal of meeting sales targets. Job duties include generating and following up on leads, acquiring new clients, and retaining current clients. The qualifications for this career are a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business, sales, or marketing; experience with quantitative and qualitative research; and significant industry experience. A senior account executive should have communication and business strategy skills.

  • International Sales Manager

    The responsibilities of an international sales manager (ISM) include maximizing sales revenue in existing markets, expanding sales into new territories, and researching trends to develop accurate sales projections. As an ISM, you must develop a business plan for customer acquisition in multiple markets that meet the company’s global sales quotas and profitability goals. You supervise a team of sales professionals and work together to prepare action plans for individuals and the team to find new sales leads effectively. Other duties include setting competitive pricing while striving to maintain maximum profit margins. You also keep records of pricing, all products or services sold, and other activities for each country. Sales manager positions are available in both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) industries. The career typically requires international travel.