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25 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Saint Paul, MN for 2023

The top jobs in the Saint Paul area can pay up to $178,868 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Saint Paul area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Saint Paul by salary. Eleven of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $87,089. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Saint Paul here.

High Paying Saint Paul Jobs

  • Trademark Attorney

    Salary range: $92,912-$178,868 per year

    When a company uses a name, logo, or slogan in commercial activity, they acquire a common law trademark. To receive a higher level of protection, they can register that trademark. A trademark attorney specializes in the proactive protection and legal defense of this intellectual property. As a trademark attorney, your responsibilities include visiting clients at home or in their office, gathering information on their case, organizing and producing required documents, and filing required paperwork for patents or trademarks, when appropriate. You may also represent clients in trials in cases of trademark infringement. While your primary job is ensuring a client’s intellectual property is soundly protected from the beginning, a good trademark attorney is also an excellent courtroom advocate. You must have excellent organizational, communication, and public speaking skills in this career.

  • Scrum Master

    Salary range: $95,893-$130,673 per year

    A scrum master is an information technology (IT) professional who helps manage information exchange among their team in an Agile environment. A scrum master is not the leader of a team. They are the facilitator of exchanges and interactions with the team. They help build consensus regarding next steps on the team, keep everyone on task following the agreed upon rules, and do everything they can to maximize the team’s performance.

  • Pharmacist

    Salary range: $103,346-$125,704 per year

    A Pharmacist fills orders for prescription medications and instructs patients on how to take them. They may work in community or hospital pharmacies, universities, prisons, or for pharmaceutical companies. Pharmacists are responsible for monitoring patient prescriptions to ensure there are no drug interactions or other impacts on existing conditions. They inform patients of potential side effects and may offer immunizations, and should also be aware of the potential for prescription drug abuse. Pharmacists also need to understand insurance coding and how to process claims for patients. Outside of a pharmacy, they may work in other healthcare locations providing patients with medicinal and wellness information.

  • Endocrinology Nurse Practitioner

    Salary range: $99,868-$122,723 per year

    As an endocrinology nurse practitioner, your duties focus on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with various endocrine diseases. These conditions include diabetes and thyroid issues such as an overactive or underactive thyroid. Your responsibilities may also involve providing assessments and treatments for people with infertility or hormone imbalance issues. A nurse practitioner is part of the treatment team; you help educate patients on self-care for their chronic condition and plan and implement a treatment plan with the help of a specialized physician called an endocrinologist.

  • Speech Pathologist

    Salary range: $68,566-$119,742 per year

    A speech or language pathologist works with individuals on improving their verbal communication. They access and evaluate those with speech and language disorders and create treatment plans for their patients. They can work with children and adults, often in schools with young children. Treatments include exercises in making sounds, practicing vocabulary, and improving pronunciation. They also work with patients who have lost their speech or hearing through illness or injury.

  • School Physical Therapist

    As a school physical therapist, you work with students with disabilities as part of their Individualized Education Program (IEP). You help students improve strength, mobility, coordination, and balance. You will coordinate with other IEP team members to examine and evaluate students and develop plans for achievement. Your duties involve helping these students navigate, access, and participate in various aspects of their educational environment. Typical objectives include teaching students to move from one class to another, maintain their balance while sitting at a desk, and navigate playground equipment.

  • Wildlife Biologist

    Wildlife biology is the study of animals in their natural habitat. A wildlife biologist, also called a zoologist, conducts studies to understand animal populations in their natural habitat. They keep records, organize and present findings, and run experiments. Wildlife biologists may also work for governments or animal advocacy groups, making recommendations for policies and advocating for habitat protections. Wildlife biologists may get to interact with animals to identify their needs, so this is one of the top jobs for animal lovers.

  • Flight Paramedic

    Salary range: $64,591-$103,346 per year

    As a flight paramedic, your main job duties are to care for patients while they are transported to a medical facility. You work to stabilize patients who have suffered critical injuries, or monitor patients who must be airlifted between medical facilities. The career requires EMT training and air service training. Most organizations require you to have extensive experience as a ground EMT, as well as additional certificates in related medical subjects. You typically work as part of a team with a flight nurse and pilot onboard helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Trust Officer

    Salary range: $58,629-$96,886 per year

    A trust officer is a banking industry professional who advises on trust and estate issues. This job is also called a trust administrator. Your responsibilities for this career include communicating with clients, agencies, advisors, and other bank personnel on the laws and options concerning trusts and estate matters. You play an integral role in assisting clients with financial decisions that have an impact both professionally and personally. Qualifications for this position include a degree in business, accounting or finance, and training on trusts and financial instruments.

  • Biomechanics

    Salary range: $62,603-$94,899 per year

    Jobs in biomechanics include research positions, physical therapy jobs, sports medicine jobs, and biomedical engineering jobs, to name just a few. Each of these jobs has different duties and responsibilities. For example, if you work in sports medicine, your responsibilities may be to apply biomechanical principles to improve exercise regimens and increase the mobility or performance of athletes or those recovering from injury. In biomedical engineering, you work with other engineers to develop tools, such as mechanical prosthetics, which can provide amputees with more motion or allow them to perform daily tasks.

  • Forensic Social Worker

    Salary range: $53,660-$89,434 per year

    As a forensic social worker, your responsibilities are to gather information about criminal defendants. You may work on behalf of law enforcement, a court system, defense attorneys, or a state agency, such as child services, to make an assessment of the defendant’s mental status and develop a sentencing plan or alternative form of incarceration for the defendant. Your duties are to interview defendants, diagnose behavioral and mental health issues related to criminal behavior, and make policy recommendations to state agencies and judges. You may also act as an expert witness in a trial.

  • Asthma Educator

    Salary range: $33,289-$83,471 per year

    Asthma educators are health care professionals who help patients and their family members understand their condition and teach them how to manage it. In this role, you may explain medical issues involving the lungs, describe common triggers of breathing problems, and counsel them on how to get through their specific breathing issues when they arise. You explain the effectiveness of different medications and treatments, how to use them effectively, and ensuring the patient understands how to avoid overusing medicines to maintain potency. Asthma educators work in private offices, hospitals, respiratory therapy centers, and other health care facilities that treat asthma. Some asthma educators may also visit patients in their homes.

  • Herbalist

    Salary range: $29,811-$79,497 per year

    As an herbalist, your job is to provide herbs, granules, powders, or herbal formulations to a healthcare patient. Herbology focuses on naturopathic healing techniques, with a strong emphasis on traditional Chinese and plant medicine. You often use herbs as part of a broader treatment plan, and you may use them in dietary supplements, poultices, or other remedies. You are also responsible for conveying accurate information about products and following the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) guidelines. Herbalists typically work in a larger pharmacy environment, and you may collaborate with other practitioners or pharmacists to determine the best products to recommend.

  • Stationary Engineer

    Salary range: $53,660-$76,515 per year

    As a stationary engineer, you are in charge of the stationary motors, boilers, turbines, ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems for large facilities. Your responsibilities include checking the system pressure and water levels and performing general maintenance, such as replacing worn parts with new ones before they become a problem. The duties of a stationary engineer may vary somewhat depending on where they work. Some examples of facilities that hire stationary engineers are hotels, malls, factories, and warehouses.

  • Regional Loss Prevention Manager

    Salary range: $37,264-$74,528 per year

    A regional loss prevention manager oversees both company security protocols to prevent theft of merchandise, as well as strategies related to inventory control for a given geographic region. You are also responsible for developing security standards to ensure customer safety while visiting retail locations. Your duties and responsibilities are to collect statistics and data from your locations and assess the performance of each store’s ability to carry out loss prevention protocols. You assist in the hiring and training of security staff and perform periodic work and performance reviews related to loss prevention.

  • Grocery Shopping Delivery

    Salary range: $26,333-$74,528 per year

    Grocery shopping delivery jobs are jobs in which you deliver groceries to a client on behalf of a grocery store. In large cities, delivery services partner with local and chain groceries to deliver client orders to homes or businesses; some services work exclusively with large online retailers, while others may specialize in brick-and-mortar specialty stores, like butchers and greengrocers. As a grocery shopping delivery worker, your specific duties and responsibilities are to pick up online orders and deliver them to clients, ensuring that food is properly stored and safely packed. Delivering frozen and perishable goods requires you have a working knowledge of the geography and traffic patterns of your region.

  • Experimental Psychology

    Salary range: $39,251-$72,541 per year

    Experimental psychology jobs focus almost entirely on research. A trained psychologist usually heads up these efforts with the support of lab assistants. While many experimental psychology jobs are available at research colleges and universities, you can also find positions at businesses who want to understand more about consumer behaviors, employee motivation, or other factors. Experimental psychology focuses on tests to gather information, so a business-sponsored role may involve coordinating with app developers to gather data about user behavior, gathering feedback from employees about proposed reward plans, or seeing how proposed ideas have worked at other companies. Experimental psychologists may also work with the military to test concepts and training strategies.

  • Dietitian

    A dietitian helps clients make healthy food choices to achieve a specific health-related goal—like disease management or prevention—or simply to have a healthier lifestyle in general. As nutritional health specialists, dietitians work closely with clients to assess their health needs and dietary limitations; then they create meal plans to ensure clients are eating a proper diet.

  • Digital Librarian

    Salary range: $24,842-$64,094 per year

    As a digital librarian, you are an archivist responsible for selecting, organizing, and preserving digital information in a library, including online public library materials and genealogy record collections. Digital libraries allow public study and must be easy to access, so organizational skills are vital to this career. Your job duties include many of the same daily tasks of a traditional librarian, such as cataloging and maintaining accurate records, but you also ensure information is licensed properly, monitor budgets and expenditures, maintain vendor relationships, and supervise junior staff or assist in hiring. A career as a digital librarian requires you have significant postsecondary education, typically at least a master’s of Library Science.

  • Private School Music Teacher

    Salary range: $34,283-$64,094 per year

    The duties of a private school music teacher focus on providing music education and experience of students. Your responsibilities include working with students in grades K-12 in a private school setting. Your exact job description depends on the details of your school’s music program, but typically includes the training of students to play instruments or sing in a choir. Most private school teachers also direct a musical performance featuring their students. You may teach classes in music appreciation and music theory and offer one-on-one instrument lessons.

  • Water Quality Technician

    Salary range: $29,314-$60,119 per year

    As a water quality technician, your primary responsibilities involve testing water samples to check for contaminants or other problems. In this role, you may use testing equipment to collect samples, perform checks onsite or in a laboratory, and present your findings to individuals or groups. Water quality technicians frequently follow established procedures for testing to help ensure the accuracy of all results, so fulfilling the duties of this job requires the ability to adhere to protocols. Most water quality technicians perform routine surveys in predetermined locations, but employers may occasionally call you in for emergency tests.

  • Psychometrist

    As a psychometrist, you work with patients who have learning disabilities, neurological diseases, traumatic brain injuries, or psychological health issues. Your job duties include administering and scoring psychological and neuropsychological tests in health care settings or research facilities. The tests you conduct range from psychological and personality tests to academic skills assessments. Other responsibilities you’ll have as a psychometrist are to store and inventory test materials and to maintain confidential records of patient test data. In your job as a psychometrist, you’ll work closely with licensed psychologists and neuropsychologists.

  • Drums Teacher

    Salary range: $36,767-$52,666 per year

    As a drum teacher, your job is to teach a student how to play the drums. This may include leading a joint practice session with other musicians, providing private lessons at a school or in a home, or teaching a larger group of drummers. Many drum teachers work for public and private schools, but a few work outside the educational system and provide tutoring, lessons for adults, and other teaching services. If you work for a school, you may be asked to teach other instruments or non-musical classes. Drum teachers often teach people how to play a variety of drums, including both individual drums and larger sets.

  • CNA

    A CNA, or certified nursing assistant or certified nursing aide, is an assistant to RNs (registered nurses) and LPNs (licensed practical nurses) on the medical staff. CNAs to tend to the patients within their ward, completing tasks that the RNs and LPNs may not have the time to complete. In some cases, a CNA may be the medical attendant a patient interacts with most frequently. Daily duties for a CNA may include bathing and grooming patients, assisting patients with the intake of food or medicine, checking vital signs, and dressing wounds. A CNA ensures that all rooms are tidy and sanitized, bedpans are empty, and linens are fresh. Additionally, a CNA should be comfortable documenting their patients’ conditions and any changes that may have occurred to communicate this information to the assigned nurses or physicians for each case.

  • School Cafeteria

    School cafeteria jobs focus on meal preparation for students. In this role, you may serve breakfast and lunch food to hundreds of students within the span of a few hours, ensure the cleanliness of kitchen, and perform various tasks needed to keep the cafeteria functioning each day. School cafeteria workers frequently refill condiment dispensers, alert supervisors to low stock, dispose of expired products, monitor the quality of incoming inventory, and prepare special requests as needed. Schools have different products and guidelines, and you may be asked to work with many different ingredients as part of a rotating schedule of meals.