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7 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Martinsburg, WV for 2022

The top jobs in the Martinsburg area can pay up to $72,684 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Martinsburg area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Martinsburg by salary. Three of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $56,699. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Martinsburg here.

High Paying Martinsburg Jobs

  • EEG Technician

    Salary range: $47,818-$72,684 per year

    As an EEG technician, you use specialized electroencephalographic machinery (an EEG machine) to record the electrical activity of patients’ brain waves. Your job duties include administering EEG tests and maintaining the equipment. You provide the test results to doctors who use the information you collect to make medical diagnoses and to develop treatment plans for patients who may be living with seizure disorders, strokes, and brain tumors. Your responsibilities include assisting patients, positioning patients for testing, and setting up and sanitizing the EEG equipment.

  • Class A Truck Driver

    Salary range: $44,471-$66,468 per year

    A Class A truck driver job refers to the category of commercial driver’s license (CDL) needed to operate a large vehicle for the job. Usually, employers seek candidates who already have their Class A license, and can legally drive and tow a truck over 10,000 pounds. Those who have a license to drive a regular car or a license to drive a smaller truck will need to acquire a Class A level license before applying.

  • Insurance

    Salary range: $32,038-$59,773 per year

    Insurance premium auditors are employees of a variety of companies. You can work with businesses who specialize in handling premium audits, risk management, or business process outsourcing, but most available positions are with insurance companies. You can choose a field based on the type of insurance you’re most familiar with such as workers’ compensation, car, home, or life insurance, or choose a company that works with all insurance types. Some positions require working on the phone, while others require traveling within an assigned geographic area.

  • Background Investigator

    Salary range: $30,603-$51,644 per year

    A background investigator researches background and criminal histories for large organizations, federal agencies, and school districts. As a background investigator, you work closely with administrators and hiring managers to determine if potential candidates are qualified, capable, and well-suited to be successful in the role. Background investigators use online and other research tools, as well as interviews with friends, associates, former employers, and others to get a comprehensive understanding of a candidate’s background.

  • Carpenter

    Carpenters fabricate, remodel, and repair structures and frameworks using wood and other materials. They may build decks, porches, cabinets, and lay floors. They may also install drywall, windows, molding, build footings, rafters, and doorways. Carpenters measure and cut wood and other materials utilizing a variety of hand and power tools, shaping and assembling the materials for structural use. There are a number of different types of Carpenters, including Commercial Carpenters, Industrial Carpenters, and Residential Carpenters. Some Carpenters have specialized occupations, such as building wooden ships or constructing film sets.

  • Accounting

    Salary range: $33,473-$49,731 per year

    Accounting jobs constitute any role in which you prepare taxes, financial statements, and other official documentation related to financial reporting. As an accountant, you are responsible for ensuring that all records contain accurate information and that you make all tax and other payments in a timely fashion. While many accountants specialize in personal finance, you may be asked to audit a company’s financial records to ensure that the business is running smoothly and efficiently. If you find issues, you report your findings and make recommendations for how to improve company or organizational efficiency. You can also work in financial forensics and search for financial malfeasances, such as tax fraud or embezzlement.

  • Pastor

    Salary range: $22,474-$46,862 per year

    A Pastor is a leader in a church. The daily tasks of a Pastor may include preaching, running meetings, overseeing specific ministries and missions, visiting and counseling parishioners, and preparing sermons. Some churches have several Pastors on staff who oversee specific areas of responsibility, while others have only one.