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25 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Katy, TX for 2022

The top jobs in the Katy area can pay up to $114,394 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Katy area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Katy by salary. Eleven of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $66,257. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Katy here.

High Paying Katy Jobs


    A NICU RN works with premature and sick infants in the neonatal intensive care unit of a hospital. Your duties in this career are similar to that of a registered nurse in any other department. You monitor the progress of a newborn and oversee the operation of any equipment involved in their medical care. Some individuals work in private homes and tend to an infant after their discharge. The work is full-time with shifts around the clock. It is both emotionally and physically demanding. Most positions require a bachelor’s degree, and you must have a license in the state in which you work. Certification through an organization like the National Association of Neonatal Nurses is desirable.

  • Consulting

    Salary range: $41,639-$107,073 per year

    Consulting jobs are careers in which you provide advice and direction for an organization or business. It may be broad advice, or you may be hired to investigate and address specific issues, such as productivity, worker performance, marketing, or hiring, to name just a few. You can find consulting jobs in nearly every industry, from education to health care to finance. You can consult on a freelance basis or work for a consulting agency. The top consulting firms, known as the “Big Four,” dominate the industry and provide consulting services globally.

  • Outpatient Clinic RN

    Salary range: $85,109-$106,615 per year

    An outpatient clinic RN performs a variety of healthcare duties at an outpatient clinic in a hospital or an ambulatory care center. In an outpatient clinic, a patient does not need to make an appointment to see a nurse or physician. Your specific responsibilities depend on the type of clinic at which you work. For example, if you work at a hospital outpatient facility, you perform medical screenings and diagnostics and collect patient histories, which help you determine the level of care each patient needs. You also provide referral services when you determine if a patient needs to go to a specialist’s office.

  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

    Salary range: $64,976-$101,124 per year

    A Pharmaceutical Sales Representative sells medications to healthcare professionals and facilities on behalf of prescription drug companies. A central part of this job is to build relationships; over time, physicians become familiar with the representatives because they develop a rapport that facilitates the sale. Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives also give out information about the company they represent and the drugs they are promoting.

  • Occupational Therapist

    On a daily basis, the responsibilities of an occupational therapist depend on the specific area in which they work. For example, an occupational therapist who works in a school might help to develop individualized education plans for children, while an occupational therapist who works in geriatrics may facilitate individual or group therapies for exercise, mental stimulation, and community outreach for the elderly population.

  • Additive Manufacturing

    Salary range: $53,536-$95,176 per year

    Additive manufacturing (AM) is the process of creating products by adding material using one or more techniques. This is the opposite of subtractive manufacturing, which produces products by removing material. Many products are produced using a combination of these two techniques. To manufacture a plastic shape, you may use additive manufacturing to layer plastic materials then use subtractive manufacturing to cut and shape the plastic. In recent years, AM has started to focus on advanced techniques like 3D printing, where complex products are created layer by layer, using one or more materials. The main job in AM is that of an additive manufacturing engineer, although rapid prototyping may utilize this process to create a small model of a potential product.

  • Physical Therapist

    Physical therapists, or PTs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, help injured clients with mobility and pain management. Individuals in need of rehabilitation or those who suffer from chronic conditions rely on PTs to improve their range of motion, strengthen injured muscles, and correct alignment issues. Physical therapists should have a thorough knowledge of a patient's medical history and should be in frequent communication with the patient’s primary care physician. It is also their job to track patient progress, modify treatment plans, and educate the patient’s family on stretches and other aftercare.

  • PLC Programmer

    Salary range: $55,366-$81,906 per year

    A PLC programmer oversees the programming of various machines functioning on programmable logic controller technology. PLC technology is a digital computer that controls electromagnetic processes, primarily in industrial equipment. As a PLC programmer, you are responsible for the programming and maintenance of these systems. Your duties include developing and programming new machines, reprograming existing machines, and diagnosing and repairing issues with PLC driven systems. You may work in various specialized industries, such as the medical, manufacturing, or agriculture fields. Your job is to create or update computerized machine systems so that the input, output, and control systems function optimally to meet the needs of your employer.

  • RN

    Salary range: $54,909-$77,330 per year

    An RN, short for Registered Nurse, works closely with doctors to provide patient care for illnesses and injuries. RNs are often the first medical professional the patient sees when entering a health care facility. As an RN, you can ask the patient questions and document their health history, but you are not allowed to diagnose patients; after the doctor or other supervising health care professional has determined what problem needs to be treated, you help administer treatment. Your job duties may include administering medications, checking patient vital signs, and charting medical records. RNs also advise patients and families about at-home care for medical conditions as well as disease prevention.

  • Chaplain

    Salary range: $39,809-$70,924 per year

    As a Chaplain, you provide spiritual support to people who cannot attend regular organized religious services due to health or other circumstances. Chaplains are usually attached to a secular facility or location. Your primary responsibilities as a Chaplain are to act as a faith leader to people who need guidance or counseling and offer support to individuals who are struggling. Your job duties as a chaplain are to answer questions, lead interfaith or non-denominational religious services, and provide spiritual guidance. You can find Chaplaincy jobs in hospitals, prisons, and the military.

  • Junior Project Manager

    Salary range: $42,097-$68,636 per year

    As a junior project manager, your primary responsibilities are to plan, coordinate, and oversee operations on company projects. Your duties are to assist with timeline development, ensure production is on schedule, provide supervision from start to finish, and offer guidance to improve progress. You are in charge of hiring and training a project development team, communicating with other departments to fill project needs, and constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency while lowering project cost. The junior project manager also obtains resources, reviews project quality, and creates relevant reports.

  • Class A Truck Driver

    A Class A truck driver job refers to the category of commercial driver’s license (CDL) needed to operate a large vehicle for the job. Usually, employers seek candidates who already have their Class A license, and can legally drive and tow a truck over 10,000 pounds. Those who have a license to drive a regular car or a license to drive a smaller truck will need to acquire a Class A level license before applying.

  • Accountant

    Salary range: $41,639-$59,485 per year

    Accountants record and analyze financial records for companies or individuals. Their job is to compile and verify all transactions and ensure that their clients are financially efficient as well as compliant with lawful business practices. Accountants handle a wide range of responsibilities, depending on their specialty. On a daily basis, they may review financial statements for quality assurance, verify transaction compliance, and document individual expenditures. They are also expected to make budget recommendations to increase the financial efficiency of their clients. During tax season, it is the job of an accountant to calculate taxes owed, prepare tax documents, and follow up on payments made to or received from the U.S. government. Occasionally, in smaller enterprises, an accountant may double as an auditor around tax season. Normally, an outside auditor is brought in to review the accountant's work.

  • Insurance

    Salary range: $30,657-$59,485 per year

    Insurance premium auditors are employees of a variety of companies. You can work with businesses who specialize in handling premium audits, risk management, or business process outsourcing, but most available positions are with insurance companies. You can choose a field based on the type of insurance you’re most familiar with such as workers’ compensation, car, home, or life insurance, or choose a company that works with all insurance types. Some positions require working on the phone, while others require traveling within an assigned geographic area.

  • LVN

    Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) provide basic medical care, including taking vital signs, explaining procedures to patients, administering medications, and tracking patient progress. LVNs also collect and send samples to medical labs for testing, complete patient paperwork, and collaborate with physicians to determine a care plan for patients. LVNs must report to a registered nurse (RN) or physician. They are an integral part of a patient care team.

  • Social Worker

    Salary range: $39,351-$57,197 per year

    Social Workers help individuals, children, and families from all backgrounds to overcome personal difficulties and help their clients get the help they need. Assistance may include food and housing subsidies, health care, and job training. Part of their duties involve crisis prevention; many of their clients deal with poverty, abuse, addiction, and unemployment.

  • Executive Administrative Assistant

    As an executive administrative assistant, your responsibilities and duties include conducting daily administrative tasks in an office environment for one or more of the executive level leaders in your company. You may be asked to answer telephone calls and emails, schedule appointments, greet clients, make copies, maintain records, and manage office inventory and supplies一anything that needed to help your boss manage the company. Your responsibilities may vary depending on the kind of office you work in, and some jobs may require special skills or education.

  • Desktop Support

    Salary range: $37,521-$50,333 per year

    A desktop support job involves helping users to solve problems they may be having with their computers. Desktop support often requires you to help users with both hardware and software issues. This help comes in the form of walking the user through basic troubleshooting or by taking control of the terminal through remote computer desktop software. A desktop support worker specializes in troubleshooting desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Typically, your duties include speaking to customers through a headset, listening to their issue, and recommending a course of action.

  • Math Tutor

    A Math Tutor helps students with their math studies, either individually or in small groups. As a Math Tutor, your responsibilities and duties include assessing what mathematics material your students have mastered, where they need assistance, and how they learn best. You work patiently with your students, explaining and demonstrating the mathematics material they are learning in a variety of ways to help them understand it. You provide tips for studying and ample practice opportunities, such as math division drills, so that they can develop mastery of the material.

  • Nanny

    A nanny plays a special role in a child’s life. Nannies are childcare professionals who assist parents with the day-to-day work of caring and raising children and are responsible for the children’s well-being and supportive of their emotional needs. As a nanny, your responsibilities may include preparing meals, dressing and bathing the children, arranging playdates, accompanying children to activities, and helping with schoolwork. Nannies typically work during the parent's work hours, but some families have nannies come early in the morning or stay at night until the kids go to bed. You may also be responsible for dropping off and picking up the kids at school and performing light housework.

  • Customer Service

    Customer service jobs are positions at companies and organizations where you address any customer complaint or problem, provide technical help when customers are having issues with their product or service, and seek a resolution to any issues either through your own ability to solve the problem or by passing on complaints and issues to your superiors. Some customer service jobs are in call centers, while other professionals work at customer service desks in department stores or grocery stores. Your duties in these positions can vary based on the industry and the location. For example, a software support specialist at a call center has a very different job than a help desk associate at a department store.

  • Call Center Representative

    Call center representatives take customer service calls for companies. Businesses employ call center representatives to handle a range of customer issues, including resolving complaints, processing transactions, and answering customer questions. They may also make cold calls or other outgoing calls for a company, usually following a set dialog script. Call center representatives often work remotely or in different call centers so that customer service lines may be open for more extended hours. This job requires strong verbal communication skills.

  • Office

    Salary range: $21,963-$32,488 per year

    An office job is any type of employment in which you work in an office environment. As part of an office staff, the majority of your work takes place at your desk on a computer or over the phone. The remainder of your work involves meetings and group collaboration around conference tables. Depending on your skills and education, you can find an office job as a receptionist, secretary, office clerk, administrative assistant, customer service representative, office manager, marketer, software engineer, accountant, insurance examiner, and much more.

  • Receptionist

    Receptionists work in an administrative role in an office or other setting. They greet clients, patients, vendors, or anyone else who enters the company’s office or facility. The Receptionist is typically the first person you see representing the company, so part of their job is to make a good impression on everyone they meet. They also answer phones and other administrative tasks. Specific job duties depend upon the industry in which they are employed.

  • Physical Therapy Technician

    As a Licensed Physical Therapist Technician, also known as a Physical Therapy aide, you work alongside doctors and therapists, assisting in any way needed to further the patient’s therapy process. You may be asked to supervise physical therapy, do paperwork, prepare and clean equipment, or conduct treatments, like massage. You may work as a Physical Therapy Tech in a variety of healthcare facilities, including rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.