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9 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Fort Bragg, NC for 2022

The top jobs in the Fort Bragg area can pay up to $116,614 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Fort Bragg area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Fort Bragg by salary. Four of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $70,217. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Fort Bragg here.

High Paying Fort Bragg Jobs

  • Psychologist

    Salary range: $73,556-$116,614 per year

    Psychologists work with individuals, couples, children, and families to help them handle and overcome all types of behavioral issues. They often collaborate with psychiatrists, physicians, and social workers, and may be instrumental in developing and carrying out treatment plans. Psychologists facilitate scientific studies on behavior and brain function, conduct tests, and run interviews and surveys to understand human psychology better. With this knowledge, they can identify patterns, diagnose mental disorders, and develop successful treatment methods.

    Some people use the terms ‘psychiatrist’ and ‘psychologist’ interchangeably, but they are different kinds of medical professionals. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and follow the same educational path as physicians, specializing in psychiatry. They often treat patients with medications. Psychologists earn doctoral degrees and focus on behavioral treatments. They need to be licensed, but are not authorized to prescribe medication.

  • Flight Paramedic

    Salary range: $56,064-$99,122 per year

    As a flight paramedic, your main job duties are to care for patients while they are transported to a medical facility. You work to stabilize patients who have suffered critical injuries, or monitor patients who must be airlifted between medical facilities. The career requires EMT training and air service training. Most organizations require you to have extensive experience as a ground EMT, as well as additional certificates in related medical subjects. You typically work as part of a team with a flight nurse and pilot onboard helicopters or fixed-wing aircraft.

  • Physical Therapist

    Physical therapists, or PTs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, help injured clients with mobility and pain management. Individuals in need of rehabilitation or those who suffer from chronic conditions rely on PTs to improve their range of motion, strengthen injured muscles, and correct alignment issues. Physical therapists should have a thorough knowledge of a patient's medical history and should be in frequent communication with the patient’s primary care physician. It is also their job to track patient progress, modify treatment plans, and educate the patient’s family on stretches and other aftercare.

  • Intelligence Analyst

    Salary range: $40,366-$79,387 per year

    Intelligence analysts are employed by government or law enforcement agencies, the military, or private organizations to analyze data and other information and to identify and prevent potential threats. Assignments may be daily tasks or long-term projects. As an intelligence analyst, you must be able to decipher information from a variety of sources and analyze it within the context of the source and other related facts. You break down the analysis into assessments and recommendations to leadership departments. Intelligence analysts work in the office and often out in the field.

  • Nursing

    Salary range: $33,638-$65,034 per year

    Nursing jobs encompass a number of positions in the health care industry. There are several levels, including registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants. Each position has different duties and functions. RNs are responsible for much of a patient’s primary care, including educating them on health and wellbeing, managing disease, recommending alternate treatments, and providing emotional support. Nurse practitioners have additional duties and specializations, such as midwifery and assisting in anesthesiology, which require high levels of education and training.

  • Social Worker

    Salary range: $38,572-$56,064 per year

    Social Workers help individuals, children, and families from all backgrounds to overcome personal difficulties and help their clients get the help they need. Assistance may include food and housing subsidies, health care, and job training. Part of their duties involve crisis prevention; many of their clients deal with poverty, abuse, addiction, and unemployment.

  • LPN

    A Licensed Practical Nurse, or LPN, is a Nurse who performs patient care and administrative tasks. They work under the supervision of Registered Nurses and doctors. Some of the responsibilities of an LPN include, administiring medications, changing bandages, monitoring and documenting the patients health, supervising nursing aids, and providing emotional support to patients and their families. LPNs generally work in traditional health care settings like hospitals, nursing homes, and group homes. They can also work in private homes if needed.

  • Range Technician

    Salary range: $27,808-$44,403 per year

    A range technician’s primary responsibility is to keep an eye on large, open, grassy areas, often referred to as rangeland. This type of land usually requires the range technician to write grazing permits so that ranchers can have their cattle feed on the grass in the area. In this job, you work both outdoors and in an office, using your skills to ensure the proper land usage is taking place on behalf of government agencies, such as the Department of the Interior. Other duties involve maintaining the land and studying the soil. In cases where issues involving the rangeland arise, you may be required to assist police officers. For this career, important qualifications include having excellent communication skills and public speaking experience, as you are also required to hold local workshops to explain land usage to ranchers.

  • Security

    Salary range: $21,977-$30,050 per year

    Security jobs are those that provide protective services for a business, facility, event, or location. Security jobs include law enforcement, private security, and private investigators. There are also many jobs available in cyber security, providing digital security. Each type of security job has a unique set of required skills and qualifications. For example, a correctional officer needs specialized de-escalation and physical training, while a digital security specialist needs education and experience related to information technology, backup, and authentication protocols.