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9 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Chapel Hill, NC for 2023

The top jobs in the Chapel Hill area can pay up to $329,171 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Chapel Hill area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Chapel Hill by salary. Three of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $137,300. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Chapel Hill here.

High Paying Chapel Hill Jobs

  • Psychiatrist

    A Psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor trained in the field of mental health. They study human behavior and psychology; in practice, they diagnose and treat psychological and emotional disorders. On a daily basis, they meet with, listen to, and observe patients. From these interactions, a Psychiatrist develops treatment plans to help alleviate their client’s mental distress. Psychiatrists follow the same educational path as physicians and often treat patients with medications. Psychologists earn doctoral degrees and focus on behavioral treatments.

  • CRNA

    A CRNA, or Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, is an advanced practice nurse, who has typically completed four years of critical care training in additon training in anesthesia. CRNAs usually perform similar job duties as anesthesiologists working as part of the surgical team. As a CRNA, you administer local and general anesthesia, epidural, and nerve blocks. You also help patients with pain management before, during, and after their surgery. Other job duties include speaking to the patient to explain the procedure, preparing and administering the proper anesthesia, recording vital signs during the procedure, and monitoring the patient through recovery.

  • Biostatistician

    A biostatistician is a mathematician who utilizes data, math, and statistics in the field of biology to determine a range of possible outcomes. Biostatisticians design and conduct complex experiments and research studies for agricultural and medical research to determine risk factors for a particular medicine. Biostatisticians work with other statisticians and scientists in many different settings, including at universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, public colleges, government agencies, and agricultural firms.

  • Nurse Practitioner

    Salary range: $90,510-$121,474 per year

    Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with additional responsibilities including prescribing medication, examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, and providing treatment, much as physicians do. Nurse practitioners are educated and trained to provide health care services, such as the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions.

  • Dermatology Nurse Practitioner

    Dermatology nurse practitioners (DNPs) work with dermatologists to treat patients with skin conditions. As a DNP, your responsibilities may vary, depending on your area of specialization. For example, pediatric DNPs primarily treat patients under 18, while cosmetic DNPs treat older teens and adults. As a surgical DNP, you assist with the surgical removal of skin cancer. Your job duties as a dermatology nurse practitioner include consulting with patients, diagnosing and treating skin issues, and performing procedures such as mole removals and skin peels.

  • Speech Pathologist

    A speech or language pathologist works with individuals on improving their verbal communication. They access and evaluate those with speech and language disorders and create treatment plans for their patients. They can work with children and adults, often in schools with young children. Treatments include exercises in making sounds, practicing vocabulary, and improving pronunciation. They also work with patients who have lost their speech or hearing through illness or injury.

  • Nursing

    Salary range: $38,585-$70,979 per year

    Nursing jobs encompass a number of positions in the health care industry. There are several levels, including registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants. Each position has different duties and functions. RNs are responsible for much of a patient’s primary care, including educating them on health and wellbeing, managing disease, recommending alternate treatments, and providing emotional support. Nurse practitioners have additional duties and specializations, such as midwifery and assisting in anesthesiology, which require high levels of education and training.

  • Nanny

    A nanny plays a special role in a child’s life. Nannies are childcare professionals who assist parents with the day-to-day work of caring and raising children and are responsible for the children’s well-being and supportive of their emotional needs. As a nanny, your responsibilities may include preparing meals, dressing and bathing the children, arranging playdates, accompanying children to activities, and helping with schoolwork. Nannies typically work during the parent's work hours, but some families have nannies come early in the morning or stay at night until the kids go to bed. You may also be responsible for dropping off and picking up the kids at school and performing light housework.

  • Phlebotomist

    Phlebotomists are medical professionals who draw blood and collect other samples for testing or donation. The samples are then sent to a medical lab for analysis; physicians use the results to diagnose conditions such as chronic disease, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Due to the high risk of spreading infection when handling blood and other tissue, Phlebotomists must ensure they wear gloves and that all their equipment is sterile. As a Phlebotomist, you need to cross-check all your labels to make sure they are accurate and match the patient. You may work with patients of many different ages—from newborns to elderly patients—so you should be friendly and learn how to interact well with all types of people.