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8 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Carlsbad, NM for 2023

The top jobs in the Carlsbad area can pay up to $289,600 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Carlsbad area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Carlsbad by salary. The top job title, Frac Sand Owner Operator, has an upper quadrant annual salary over $105,500. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Carlsbad here.

High Paying Carlsbad Jobs

  • Frac Sand Owner Operator

    Salary range: $103,300-$289,600 per year

    As a frac sand owner operator, your job is to haul frac sand from a production facility to a mining site. Frac sand is a type of high-purity quartz sand used in the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) process to extract petroleum fluids like oil and natural gas. The fracking process requires an enormous amount of frac sand, so the industry has a considerable need for trucks large enough to haul frac sand in bulk and drivers willing to put in long hours to transport it. Frac sand is typically distributed by train before being loaded onto trucks, so frac sand owner operators usually spend time driving between a train depot and a dig site.

  • Construction

    Salary range: $62,400-$99,100 per year

    Construction jobs encompass a wide range of opportunities in the industry, ranging from carpenters and electricians to project managers and civil engineers. Construction professionals participate in a wide range of projects. There are residential projects, such as single family homes, small lot developments, or apartment buildings, commercial projects, such as building strip malls, industrial facilities or office buildings, and a range of infrastructure projects, such as public transit construction or building bridges. Your duties and responsibilities depend on the type of project and your role in the construction industry.

  • Rn

    Salary range: $56,200-$88,000 per year

    An RN, short for Registered Nurse, works closely with doctors to provide patient care for illnesses and injuries. RNs are often the first medical professional the patient sees when entering a health care facility. As an RN, you can ask the patient questions and document their health history, but you are not allowed to diagnose patients; after the doctor or other supervising health care professional has determined what problem needs to be treated, you help administer treatment. Your job duties may include administering medications, checking patient vital signs, and charting medical records. RNs also advise patients and families about at-home care for medical conditions as well as disease prevention.

  • Nursing

    Salary range: $58,200-$87,600 per year

    Nursing jobs encompass a number of positions in the health care industry. There are several levels, including registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants. Each position has different duties and functions. RNs are responsible for much of a patient’s primary care, including educating them on health and wellbeing, managing disease, recommending alternate treatments, and providing emotional support. Nurse practitioners have additional duties and specializations, such as midwifery and assisting in anesthesiology, which require high levels of education and training.

  • Cdl

    Salary range: $57,800-$79,300 per year

    A CDL job involves the operation of a large vehicle or piece of machinery, which requires a valid commercial driver’s license. There are three different classes of this license. Class A certifies a truck driver to operate vehicles whose gross weight exceeds 26,000 pounds, such as tractor-trailers, flatbeds, and tankers. Class B licenses allow someone to operate buses or box trucks, such as a furniture delivery truck or large package delivery vehicles. Class C licenses are for hazardous material transportation and passenger vans that carry 16 or more people. Positions that require a CDL often require a clean driving record and additional qualifications and skills.

  • Pipeline Inspector

    Pipeline inspectors identify and report pipeline damage. This role includes conducting tests and checking pipes for metal fragments, chemical build-up, or other obstructions to good working order. Pipeline inspectors are trained to confirm and report on the condition of pipelines, so maintaining working knowledge of safety protocols and inspection codes is paramount to this role. Pipeline inspectors also advise on steps that building managers can take to repair the pipelines in accordance with specified codes to pass re-inspection.

  • Truck Driver

    Salary range: $32,600-$68,600 per year

    A truck driver transports goods and materials. They usually go in and out of manufacturing plants, and distribution and retail centers, working day and night shifts. Truck drivers are a vital component of nearly every industry. A truck driver job usually requires a commercial driver’s license (CDL). CDL trucks need special licenses to operate because of their large size. Truck drivers must be able to maneuver these trucks for miles at a time, often in heavy traffic. It is essential to be alert and follow all roadway safety regulations. Driving a tractor-trailer is very different from driving a traditional vehicle; the driver needs to have superb anticipation to keep the load from shifting on a curve, or to maneuver steep grades properly. The trucks themselves have many gears, sometimes as many as eighteen, in the transmission. Trucks also weigh significantly more than cars and are typically between seventy to eighty feet long, which is why a truck driver has to be specially trained to drive these larger vehicles.

  • Industrial Electrician

    Salary range: $43,400-$57,400 per year

    Industrial Electricians are responsible for the safe operation and maintenance of electrical components within an industrial facility. These individuals oversee equipment installation and troubleshoot when problems arise. The scope of an Industrial Electrician’s job can be extensive; they create and read blueprints, measure and install hardware, program equipment appropriately, and ensure the facility’s electrical system is up to code. As an Industrial Electrician, safety is your priority. You will perform frequent inspections and report any concerns to your supervisor. Expect to run preventative tests using industry-specific tools such as a voltmeter to confirm components are operating safely. You’ll also need to keep detailed records and determine when to replace equipment.