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25 of the Highest Paying Jobs in Bethlehem, PA for 2024

The top jobs in the Bethlehem area can pay up to $153,200 per year

You can find high paying jobs in the Bethlehem area on ZipRecruiter in many industries, and matching a range of qualifications and experience levels. On this page, read about the top tier of commonly found positions near Bethlehem by salary. Eight of these have upper quadrant annual salaries over $72,688. If these careers are not the right fit for you, explore more jobs in Bethlehem here.

High Paying Bethlehem Jobs

  • Drone Pilot

    Salary range: $98,800-$153,200 per year

    The primary responsibilities of a drone pilot are to control and maintain an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). You can find drone pilot positions with both the military and other governmental organizations, as well as private companies, such as agricultural operations, film and television production companies, surveyors and mapping specialists, and environmental scientists. As a pilot, you perform a variety of duties, such as flying reconnaissance and taking aerial photography and aerial videography. In the military context, drone pilots operate UAVs which bomb targets from across the world.

  • Nurse Practitioner

    Nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) with additional responsibilities including prescribing medication, examining patients, diagnosing illnesses, and providing treatment, much as physicians do. Nurse practitioners are educated and trained to provide health care services, such as the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions.

  • Cyber Security

    As a cybersecurity professional, you help protect sensitive data and information online and on your employer’s servers. You manage firewalls, encryption, and databases, working at all times to stay ahead of whatever security threats might be putting your employer at risk. Cybersecurity is never a completed task; you must continue to assess risks and implement updates to stay ahead of them.

  • Creative

    Salary range: $70,600-$144,800 per year

    Creative jobs are jobs that require artistic talent or a creative mindset, and they usually refer to jobs in the advertising, marketing, graphic design, apparel manufacturing, literary, and film industries. The specific qualifications for creative jobs vary by field and position. For example, if you want to work in the art department at an ad agency, you need to have strong visual skills, a talent for graphic or fine art, and excellent drawing and drafting skills. Meanwhile, as a copywriter, you need to have strong written communication skills. Your duties and responsibilities also vary depending on the type of creative work you do.

  • Software Developer

    Salary range: $88,900-$128,400 per year

    Software developers design and create computer software programs and systems for their employer or client. Their job is to apply the principles of engineering, analytics, and computer science toward the development and testing of all kinds of software and applications. On a day-to-day basis, a software developer helps create and test software from start to finish. They discuss and analyze user requests and requirements, then research and brainstorm practical solutions to meet those needs, and determine the best course of action to create the application. As a software developer, you may develop an entirely new program or improve an existing one; you are responsible for a program’s overall framework and must design precise workflow charts that explain to programmers what code is needed for different aspects of the program.

  • Nursing

    Nursing jobs encompass a number of positions in the health care industry. There are several levels, including registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nurse assistants. Each position has different duties and functions. RNs are responsible for much of a patient’s primary care, including educating them on health and wellbeing, managing disease, recommending alternate treatments, and providing emotional support. Nurse practitioners have additional duties and specializations, such as midwifery and assisting in anesthesiology, which require high levels of education and training.

  • Public Relations

    Salary range: $64,200-$96,300 per year

    Public relations, as the name implies, is anything having to do with a company’s or individual’s public facing image or brand. PR can relate to publicity in writing, print, social media, or other platforms. In today’s world, information moves very quickly, so most larger companies have a PR person or department to handle day to day branding and messaging, as well as special events and crisis response.

  • Social Worker

    Salary range: $58,300-$90,400 per year

    Social Workers help individuals, children, and families from all backgrounds to overcome personal difficulties and help their clients get the help they need. Assistance may include food and housing subsidies, health care, and job training. Part of their duties involve crisis prevention; many of their clients deal with poverty, abuse, addiction, and unemployment.

  • Welding

    Salary range: $47,900-$70,200 per year

    Welding jobs are any jobs that include metal welding as a significant part of the work. There are many different fields that require welders, including manufacturing and construction. As a welder, you are trained to use a number of hand-held and automated tools to complete jobs. You use these tools to cut or fuse together metal parts. Other related positions include cutting, soldering, and brazing jobs. Other fields that have a significant welding component include ironwork and sheet metal work.

  • Automotive Technician

    Salary range: $43,000-$68,700 per year

    An automotive technician is someone who has completed technical training and does repairs and maintenance of computerized car parts. Like a mechanic, an automotive technician will diagnose car problems, then offer repair solutions. Unlike a mechanic, automotive technicians work on the electronic and computerized parts of a car, doing maintenance and repairs. This work can be anything from repairing the brakes to adjusting built-in WiFi.

  • Esthetician

    Salary range: $31,600-$55,300 per year

    Estheticians are licensed skin care specialists who work in salons, spas, and resorts. They provide facials, waxing, wraps, scrubs, and other skin and body treatments on clients. They may also recommend cleansers, creams, and other skin care products and provide advice on skin care. Some estheticians, called medical estheticians or paramedical estheticians, work in medical clinics. Estheticians must have a license to practice in nearly all states.

  • Class B Driver

    Salary range: $39,500-$52,400 per year

    A class B driver is someone who has a commercial drivers license (CDL) for class B vehicles, allowing them to drive large vehicles that are not covered by other drivers licenses. A class B driver has completed a training program and passed a CDL exam so that they are licensed to drive vehicles such as buses and large trucks professionally. These transportation professionals may work close to home, driving daily routes to transport people or goods, or they may travel long distances.

  • Yard Jockey

    Salary range: $39,000-$50,400 per year

    As a yard jockey, your job is to operate a terminal tractor, also known as a yard jockey or yard dog, and help move semi-trailers within a cargo yard or warehouse environment. As a driver, you may help inspect containers, manage equipment, and otherwise ensure the safe and smooth maneuvering of all trailers. On rare occasions, you may use other warehouse equipment to help transport goods, but most yard jockeys focus entirely on moving semi-trailers.

  • Bakery

    Salary range: $35,600-$48,400 per year

    There are many jobs available at a bakery. At retail bakeries and cafes, there are typically front-of-house workers, such as cashiers, servers, and managers, in addition to a baker. A bakery may also have chefs who cook food in addition to baked goods. In the back of a retail establishment or a production bakery, there are head bakers, bakers’ assistants, as well as other production workers and machinery operators, who operate the oven and other mechanical equipment for preparation of large-scale batches. The qualifications you need to get a bakery job depend on the type of work you are interested in, although it is common for an aspiring baker to attend culinary school or have a culinary background.

  • Cna

    Salary range: $33,600-$46,400 per year

    A CNA, or certified nursing assistant or certified nursing aide, is an assistant to RNs (registered nurses) and LPNs (licensed practical nurses) on the medical staff. CNAs to tend to the patients within their ward, completing tasks that the RNs and LPNs may not have the time to complete. In some cases, a CNA may be the medical attendant a patient interacts with most frequently. Daily duties for a CNA may include bathing and grooming patients, assisting patients with the intake of food or medicine, checking vital signs, and dressing wounds. A CNA ensures that all rooms are tidy and sanitized, bedpans are empty, and linens are fresh. Additionally, a CNA should be comfortable documenting their patients’ conditions and any changes that may have occurred to communicate this information to the assigned nurses or physicians for each case.

  • Yard Driver

    A yard driver works in a truck yard to organize tractor trailers within the space and to ensure trucks and trailers are ready for unloading, loading, and transport. A yard driver operates equipment such as semi-trucks and yard tractors—also called yard mules—to move trailers around the truck yard, in and out of loading docks. Other typical job duties for a yard driver include cleaning and basic maintenance of trailers and refrigerated trailers, conducting pre and post-trip inspections, loading, and unloading cargo.

  • Data Entry

    Salary range: $33,600-$45,000 per year

    Data entry jobs involve typing information into electronic formats, whether that’s word processing, spreadsheets, or specific software. It’s a great career option for detail-oriented people—or even those who prefer to work remotely from home. Data entry jobs typically use a computer to enter data or information, often from a hard-copy paper format, into a software application. Some positions may include scanning documents and using optical character recognition or OCR. Some examples of data entry job duties include transcribing, updating customer information, and entering accounting records.

  • Brewery

    Salary range: $37,500-$43,500 per year

    Brewery jobs focus on producing, bottling, marketing, storing, and transporting beer. Your job duties as a brewmaster involve working to produce beers. Some breweries may call this position a head brewer. You work with assistant brewers to choose ingredients and control the fermentation process. As a cellar technician, you maintain brewing and storage equipment. Larger breweries may also have laborers who bottle the beers and quality control workers that taste the products. If you work in marketing or sales, your responsibilities revolve around finding retail and wholesale outlets for the brewery’s beer. If the brewery serves beer onsite, they may employ taproom servers as well. Your duties may change depending on whether you work for a large beer company or a craft brewery.

  • Non Cdl Driver

    Salary range: $35,100-$43,500 per year

    CDL stands for Commercial Driver’s License. A non-CDL driver is a transportation professional who moves goods or people in a motor vehicle that is not required to have a CDL. Non-CDL drivers can drive vehicles under 8,000 pounds; this includes automobiles for delivering food and goods, as well as smaller trucks for carrying various items, such as large packages and mail. Most of these positions are within a local area. While a driver with a CDL has more professional options (such as commercial transportation jobs and driving larger vehicles), there are plenty of jobs available for people who do not have a CDL.

  • Customer Service

    Customer service jobs are positions at companies and organizations where you address any customer complaint or problem, provide technical help when customers are having issues with their product or service, and seek a resolution to any issues either through your own ability to solve the problem or by passing on complaints and issues to your superiors. Some customer service jobs are in call centers, while other professionals work at customer service desks in department stores or grocery stores. Your duties in these positions can vary based on the industry and the location. For example, a software support specialist at a call center has a very different job than a help desk associate at a department store.

  • Delivery Driver

    Salary range: $33,100-$41,500 per year

    A delivery driver is a transportation professional who delivers well over short or long distances. As a delivery driver, you are responsible for delivering goods on time and with care, and tracking all deliveries. Depending on the job, you may be responsible for anything from supplies, to packages, to food—anything that can be delivered by vehicle. You may travel locally or long distances, requiring time away from home.

  • Receptionist

    Salary range: $31,100-$41,000 per year

    Receptionists work in an administrative role in an office or other setting. They greet clients, patients, vendors, or anyone else who enters the company’s office or facility. The Receptionist is typically the first person you see representing the company, so part of their job is to make a good impression on everyone they meet. They also answer phones and other administrative tasks. Specific job duties depend upon the industry in which they are employed.

  • Machine Operator

    Machine operators are skilled in operating machinery, often specializing in one type of machinery or industry to become an expert. Machine operators also have a general skillset, knowing how to operate a wide range of industrial machinery. Since there are numerous industries and sectors that use a multitude of machinery, there is always room to learn more.

  • Food Server

    Salary range: $25,700-$35,600 per year

    As a food server, you serve food in eateries, along with perform other tasks as needed, to make sure guests have an enjoyable dining experience. In addition to serving food, your job duties may include preparing food, stocking supplies, busing tables, taking payment, doing light cleaning, greeting guests, and answering menu questions. You need the stamina to work on your feet throughout your shift and excellent customer service skills. You’ll find food server jobs at sit-down restaurants, fast food joints, counter-service eateries, and sports or event arenas.

  • Crossing Guard

    Salary range: $30,100-$34,600 per year

    A crossing guard is responsible for ensuring the safety of people crossing busy streets or intersections. These safety professionals can be found working at schools, busy intersections, and major hospital facilities. In this career, you must stay keenly aware of traffic patterns in the crossing areas for which you are responsible. Your job duties include controlling the flow of traffic at the crosswalk, overseeing the safety of pedestrians crossing the street, assisting pedestrians with special needs, and sometimes providing security services.