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9 of the Most Popular Temporary Jobs

These Temporary jobs have salaries between $21,000 and $85,000 per year.

Temporary work, or temp jobs, are great for many different situations. Workers just starting out in their careers or those switching to a new field may find temp jobs a good way to get a foot in the door. Temporary job assignments may also lead to full-time work. Check out these top temporary jobs!

Types of Temporary Jobs

  • Human Resources Temp

    A human resources (HR) temp is hired by a company to work for a designated period in their human resources department. Responsibilities will depend on what the company needs, but will likely include support of many common HR functions including interviews, recruitment, and employee engagement. An associate or bachelor’s degree in human resources is typically preferred.

  • Temp Recruiter

    Temp recruiters work on temporarily contracts for companies to manage and improve recruitment initiatives. They must be highly organized with strong communication skills and preferably a background in the industry they will be working. Temp recruiters work directly with hiring managers to determine their recruitment needs and effectively source new candidates. A bachelor’s degree and relevant experience are typically required.

  • Temporary Administrative Assistant

    A temporary administrative assistant helps the administration staff run the day-to-day operations of an office on a temporary contract. Duties include clerical duties work filing and organizing but also answering phones, transcribing notes, and preparing correspondence. The job requires the assistant to be highly organized with excellent communication skills to interact with visitors, office staff, and executives.

  • Temporary Customer Service Representative

    A temporary customer service representative is given a temporary position with a company to provide dependable customer service. In this position, they will assist management in various assigned tasks and be a knowledgeable resource for customers. They must be a quick learner with strong communication and interpersonal skills. No formal education is required, but a high school diploma or GED is preferred.

  • Temporary Receptionist

    A temporary receptionist handles the front desk work of an office or company. While, their position is for a short, set period, they perform all the duties of a receptionist, such as answering phones, greeting visitors, and providing company information. They must have excellent written and verbal customer service skills to chat with visitors on a daily basis. They may also handle clerical duties.

  • Temporary Office Assistant

    A temporary office assistant provides clerical and administrative services while assisting office staff and managers. They perform duties such as answering phones, sorting mail, and organizing files. Solid organization skills and proficient computer skills are needed. They help the office staff keep the office functioning and learn to arrange schedules, order office supplies, and address and mail correspondence.

  • Seasonal Retail Merchandiser

    A seasonal retail merchandiser is hired to work temporarily during the winter holiday season when stores are at their busiest. Retail merchandisers assist with the display set up, putting out seasonal decorations, organizing of products, and refilling stock. They provide customer service support to shoppers including knowledge about products and holiday promotions. Retail experience is preferred.

  • Seasonal Warehouse Associate

    A seasonal warehouse associate is an employee who is hired on a temporary basis to help with a busy seasonal rush. They are responsible for processing orders, checking inventory, and fulfilling purchases. Some warehouses may need the associate to operate a forklift or other heavy machinery. The job requires standing for long hours, organizing multiple products, and keeping track of incoming and outgoing merchandise.

  • Seasonal Sales Associate

    A seasonal sales associate assists in retail operations. They are typically hired to work during the winter holidays or other peak shopping seasons. They work under the supervision of a manager and can be assigned to various areas on the retail floor. They perform cashier duties, stock inventory, and drive sales to meet company goals.