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9 of the Most Popular Airline Jobs

These Airline jobs have salaries between $29,000 and $43,000 per year.

Airlines are huge operations that employ many people with a range of job experience and skill sets. Jobs can include flight attendants, aerospace engineers, and ramp service agents. Airline jobs can be at many locations, such as in airports, at company headquarters, or traveling on aircraft. Check out these top airline jobs!

Types of Airline Jobs

  • Aerospace Engineer

    Aerospace engineers manufacture and design aircraft, satellites, missiles, aeronautical and astronautical products. They document and test the production of these technologies for development, research, defense, and commercial use. Aerospace engineers also evaluate the financial feasibility of these products and assure that they meet all safety standards and regulations.

  • Pilot

    Pilots operate aircraft, flying people and cargo all over the world. They conduct pre-flight checks, work with air traffic control, assess and adjust flight paths as needed, update passengers on commercial flights, transport cargo on cargo flights. They may pilot private lanes or work for regional or national airlines. Pilots may also work in specialized fields such as shipping.

  • Avionics Technician

    Avionics technicians install, repair, and maintain equipment relating to fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. It is the job of an avionics technician to ensure that all components are clean, in good repair, and functioning properly to guarantee the safety of the passengers and crew aboard an aircraft. Avionics technicians must complete an 18-month course at an FAA-approved institution.

  • Flight Attendant

    Flight attendants are the in-cabin crew for commercial and private air travel. Their responsibilities include pre-flight checks of the food supply and emergency equipment, greeting passengers, and ensure luggage is stowed properly. During the flight, they instruct passengers on safety procedures and serve refreshments. In emergencies, they provide leadership and instructions to the passengers.

  • Aircraft Mechanic

    An aircraft mechanic ensures the safe operation of both commercial and personal aircraft. Aircraft mechanics perform regular maintenance, measure parts to check for wear, calibrate components, and record all operations performed. These professionals must possess an aptitude for problem-solving and be mechanically inclined, as well as highly knowledgeable about the craft they service. Most jobs require certification.

  • Aircraft Painter

    An aircraft painter is a painter who works in the aerospace industry. Aircraft painters are responsible for applying and maintaining the exterior paint for commercial and private aircraft. This is a very specialized form of painting, requiring precision in both preparation and application of special paints that not only look appealing but provide protection against the extreme conditions airplanes encounter daily.

  • Ramp Service Agent

    A ramp service agent maintains aircraft ramp systems. On a typical day, a ramp service agent will service and maintain aircraft ramp systems, repair ramp support systems such as loading equipment, and assist ramp agents. Their work hours take place during all hours and weather conditions. A high school diploma or equivalent is required and technical certification or equivalent experience is strongly preferred.

  • Airline Customer Service Agent

    Airline customer service agents are among an airline’s most visible employees. They work at ticketing counters to process customer tickets and boarding passes as well as at boarding gates to board and deplane passengers. At small airports, airline customer service agents may also be responsible for baggage handling and cargo operations. A high school diploma or GED is required for this position.

  • Airport Ramp Agent

    A ramp service agent ensures the safe and efficient operation of aircraft ramp systems. A typical day includes marshaling and guiding aircraft, loading and unloading freight and baggage, servicing and maintenance, and pushing and towing cargo. Expect to work day or night and under various weather conditions. A high school diploma or equivalent is required.