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10 of the Most Popular Writing Jobs

These Writing jobs have salaries between $27,500 and $29,500 per year.

Writers create content for commercial and artistic use. There are many types of writing jobs, such as creating copy for advertisements, instruction manuals, journal articles, or writing novels. Writers may work for a company or may do freelance work. Writing jobs are great for creative people who have a strong command of language. Check out these top writing jobs!

Types of Writing Jobs

  • Medical Writer

    A medical writer is someone who has both the creative and linguistic skills of a writer and the expertise of a medical professional. They may be tasked with writing presentations based on drug trials or experimental procedures or even generate marketing materials and information pamphlets for new medicines and treatments. Medical Writers work closely with doctors to ensure all information is accurate and sound.

  • Technical Writer

    Technical writers are specialists skilled at writing instructions and articles that help others understand complex technical information more easily. They gather information from a variety of sources and aggregate it in useful formats that maximize understanding. A technical writer may work with product designers, engineers, and graphic designers to craft an instruction manual for a new product.

  • Proposal Writer

    Proposal writers draft convincing business or grant proposals and perform proposal research. Proposal writers must have a command of proper grammar, and various style guidelines. They must be able to quickly learn new jargon. A bachelor’s degree in English, communications, journalism or a related field is typically required.

  • Report Writer

    A report writer analyzes data and drafts reports on information technology and computer science related topics. report writers should have a strong background in IT or computer science. report writers extract data from databases, analyze the data, then write reports to their colleagues. A bachelor’s degree in computer science management information systems is highly preferred.

  • Copywriter

    Copywriters are writing professionals who write text for advertising and marketing purposes. They write anything that might help sell products or develop brand loyalty, including ads, billboards, print marketing, web copy, product names, and more. They aim to inspire and inform people, playing a key role in conveying brand messaging and helping reach a target audience.

  • Writer

    Writer is the general term for anyone who makes a living generating written material. Some writers work for others; they may create content for websites, write blogs, or compose articles. Others may author their own works, such as novels, short stories, or poetry. All writers must have exceptional language skills and be creative, though the specific requirements for their writing will vary based on the task at hand.

  • Freelance Writer

    A freelance writer is a self-employed writing professional who takes assignments from various sources for short or long-term projects. Examples of their work may include web content, resumes, articles, and blogs. Whether writing for a company or individual, most Freelance Writers work from home and have a flexible schedule. Freelance writers have exceptional language skills and are able to meet deadlines.

  • Grant Writer

    A grant writer specializes in creating compelling grant proposals for individuals and organizations. They have an excellent command of the language and are able to present facts in a way that is both persuasive and informative. Grants are often highly competitive and so grant writers must be highly knowledgeable and skilled, ensuring all requirements are met and that the application is both complete and compelling.

  • Content Writer

    A content writer’s job is to develop content for marketing collateral such as print, digital media, and product descriptions. Individuals in this role often work on a freelance basis, but may also be employed full-time. Content writers typically hold a bachelor’s degree in English, creative writing, or journalism, and are proficient in spelling and grammar, along with written communication.

  • Resume Writer

    Resume writers draft resumes for job seekers. They tailor each resume according to the client’s academic and professional experience, ensuring that keywords critical to the client’s desired field of work are included. The writer will also edit the client’s resume for grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors. Resume writers may work freelance or be employed by employment assistance agencies.