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10 of the Most Popular Warehouse Jobs

These Warehouse jobs have salaries between $30,000 and $84,000 per year.

Warehouses are the storage and distribution hubs for many industries. There is a surprising range of jobs to fill, and skills need to keep warehouses running. Check out these top warehouse jobs and see if there is a warehouse hiring near you?

Types of Warehouse Jobs

  • Distribution Center Manager

    A distribution center manager job is a critical position in managing the supply chain. Inventory, shipping and receiving all fall under the purview of this position. They lead the daily activities of the distribution center and plan the budget and long-term goals and projects. The distribution center manager hires and trains the warehouse supervisory team.

  • Inventory Control Manager

    Inventory control managers are responsible for overseeing and meeting all inventory procedures and milestones, including staff management and budgeting. This position is good entry-level management job in a warehouse. It typically requires a bachelor’s degree and several years of related experience. Strong organizational skills and computer proficiency are requirements for this job.

  • Warehouse Manager

    Warehouse direct the receipt, storage, inventory, and dispatch of warehouse goods. They are also responsible for managing the warehouse staff. Warehouse managers need a strong working knowledge of proper safety procedures, equipment maintenance, and warehouse best practices. Warehouse managers must have a keen attention to detail, and be highly organized.

  • Forklift Operator

    Forklift operators operate forklifts and other equipment to distribute, store, and move employee goods and cargo. This job combines operating heavy machinery while driving through tight spaces, moving cargo, and making sure the whole operation is completed safely and efficiently. A forklift operator must have certification or training in compliance with all local and state laws.

  • Machine Operator

    Machine operators can either be specialized or work on a variety of machines in a warehouse. Experienced machine operators have many skills including physical stamina and technical knowledge. They know how to operate their machines safely and maintain them correctly. They can problem solve and troubleshoot to ensure productions run accurately and on time.

  • Material Handler

    Material handlers are responsible for moving freight and stock to and from loading docks, delivery vehicles, storage areas, and production areas either manually or using equipment such as trucks, tractors, or forklifts. They maintain stock in the warehouse and move material to fulfill orders. Material handlers should be diligent, and self-sufficient.

  • Warehouse Clerk

    A warehouse clerk processes customer orders and assembles the appropriate materials. They sometimes also process the financial transaction with the customers. They assist with shipping and receiving, and are responsible for maintaining organized inventory tracking. Warehouse clerks should also ensure the warehouse floor remains organized and neat.

  • Warehouse Associate

    A warehouse associate job is a general labor position in a warehouse. Job duties typically include transporting, stocking, and pulling materials and products. Warehouse Associates may be responsible for packing orders, keeping inventory records, and maintaining the warehouse in an orderly fashion. Requirements for a warehouse associate job include a high school diploma, organizational skills, and physical stamina.

  • Warehouse Worker

    Warehouse workers assist with all shipping, receiving, and inventory organization within the warehouse space. Their job is physically demanding and includes unloading and loading goods from trucks, picking designated items from a shelf, packaging these items, and preparing them for shipment. They also move products around the warehouse, tracking and labeling inventory.

  • Warehouse Packer

    Warehouse packers, sometimes called pickers, prepare orders for shipment in a warehouse setting. They should have excellent physical stamina, detailed and thorough work habits, and the ability to complete tasks accurately and quickly. This work is often fast paced so working well under pressure and deadlines is a must. Basic computer skills are also helpful in this job. Many companies provide on the job training.

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