Team Rubicon Staffs Up Quickly to Support Disaster Relief

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  • Increased number of full-time employees by +15%
  • Hired a wide variety of roles at an unprecedented pace
  • Saved 100+ hours of processing time with seamless ATS integration


Team Rubicon employs veterans to help communities affected by disasters and humanitarian crises. Not only does this allow Team Rubicon to offer impactful services to people in need, but it also helps veterans transition from military to civilian life.


After several major U.S. disasters in 2017, Team Rubicon needed to double their full-time employees. Team Rubicon’s unique challenge was that they had to find candidates with very specific skill sets, across fields like construction and volunteer management, and also, find individuals to fit the company culture.


Team Rubicon partnered with ZipRecruiter to help expand their reach and grow their applicant pool. With access to ZipRecruiter’s industry-leading AI, the company was able to target more qualified candidates across multiple job types. With increased exposure, Team Rubicon attracted candidates who weren’t previously familiar with the organization or their job opportunities.

“ZipRecruiter’s partnership helped us scale at an unprecedented tempo, helping us hire critical new roles quickly.”

Josh Anderson
Head of Talent, Team Rubicon


With ZipRecruiter, Team Rubicon met their hiring goals and filled a wide variety of positions including Coordinator of People Operations, Manager of Rebuild Construction, Lead Graphic Designer, and several Content Developers. They increased overall candidate volume, and with a seamless ATS integration, they were able to save over 100 hours of processing time. Overall, Team Rubicon made 10 hires through ZipRecruiter, which translates to a 15% increase in company growth.