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What Is a Virtual Job?

A virtual job refers to a job that can be performed outside of an employer's office. Also known as remote, work from home, or telecommuting jobs , these positions have become increasingly common because of technology like telephones, internet, email, and video conference calls, which help to facilitate employer-employee communication.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is often self-employed and provides technical, creative, administrative, or social assistance to clients from a home office. Virtual assistants can also be employed by other small businesses.

How to Find Virtual Jobs?

To find virtual work, job-seekers need to search using the right keywords. Including "virtual job," "remote job," "telecommuting job," and other indicative phrases can go a long way in narrowing down opportunities.

Another way to find remote work is by transitioning into it. A candidate can seek out roles that have the potential to be done remotely, and discuss telecommuting once they have some tenure with the organization. 80-90% of employees would like to work from home at least part-time 1 , and telecommuting is becoming normalized for professionals. On top of that, working a virtual job doesn't have financial drawbacks. The average remote worker makes $58,000 per year 2 .

What Are Virtual Companies?

Virtual companies are organizations that use telecommunication and computers to extend their capabilities by consistently employing contractors or remote workers, without being dependent on a physical location to function as a business.

How Do You Work From Home?

Create a routine and stick to it. Optimize your work space with the right programs and equipment. Set aside a room with good lighting and the needed supplies as your office, and minimize things that could distract you in that space. Also, create visual cues that help remind you to stay on top of deadlines, communications, and scheduling.

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