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What Is a Truck Driving Job?

A truck driver earns their living transporting goods and materials. They usually go in and out of manufacturing plants, distribution and retail centers, and work any hours of the night or day. Truck drivers are, in fact, one of the most vital components to nearly every industry. Without them, the supply in supply and demand would go unfulfilled. Most truck drivers understand that this is not a normal job, but rather, an on the road lifestyle.

What Are Truck Driving Duties?

Truck drivers move goods by way of truck or tractor trailers, travelling across country or locally. The driver must know how to disconnect and connect the cab from the trailer, and must obviously know basic repair skills to function independently on the road (like changing a tire). Most companies offer drivers roadside assistance that will come to their driver's location if they are having safety issues or cannot make it to a truck stop for any reason.

Driving a tractor trailer is very different from driving a traditional vehicle. The driver must have superb anticipation to keep the load from shifting on a curve, or to maneuver steep grades properly. The trucks themselves, have many gears, sometimes as many as eighteen in the transmission. Trucks also weigh significantly more than cars and are typically between seventy to eighty feet long, which is why a truck driver has to be specially trained to drive these larger vehicles.

What Is Over the Road Trucking?

Truck drivers start off as over the road drivers (OTR), which means driving for vast distances and being away for weeks at a time. As truck drivers gain experience in the industry, they gain more flexibility to plan their own routes or deliver more locally.

Is Truck Driving Worth It?

Truck drivers enjoy the freedom of the open road, and essentially get to road trip for a living. As long as they get the load from its starting place to its final destination by the scheduled time, and make sure the inventory matches up, all the details in between are the driver's to determine. The management, operation, safety, and efficiency all falls into the hands of the truck driver.

The other plus, is that truck drivers are paid very well, and for people who get tired of staying in one place, this can be a highly fulfilling occupation.