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What Is a Medical Assistant's Job?

A medical assistant provides direct and immediate support to a nurse or physician to make their job easier and improve the quality of patient care. They perform a number of duties, including administrative and clinical, as well as help the patient feel at ease by answering any questions they may have. The duties of a medical assistant greatly depend on the setting they work in.

What Is a Medical Assistant Job Description?

Medical assistants tend to the needs of the particular unit they work for in a hospital setting. They handle billing, perform receptionist duties, and fill out patient forms. Medical assistants also spend time administering medication, prescriptions, or immunizations, examining samples from patients, or performing ECG readings.

A medical assistant working in a clinical setting does not work for a specific unit as a medical assistant in a hospital setting would.

Medical assistants may do the following: answer telephones, greet patients, explain procedures, change wound dressings, perform exams, run basic tests, schedule appointments, explain medical information to patients

How to Become a Medical Assistant?

Medical assistants do not necessarily have to be certified. While most are, some learn through on-the-job training over the course of several months. That being said, the majority of physicians prefer to have certified assistants. To become a certified medical assistant, one can take a two year associate's medical assisting degree, or a one year certificate. These programs will include a combination of classroom and lab time. Medical assistants study medical billing, first aid, math, science, and medical terminology throughout the course of these programs.

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