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What Do Flight Attendants Do?

Flight Attendants 1 do more than just serve meals and drinks to passengers, though this is what most passengers see. Before the aircraft even takes off, flight attendants go to a preflight briefing to receive all vital information about the flight. They check the food supply and emergency equipment. They then greet passengers, ensure luggage is stowed properly, and make sure passengers are in the correct seats. During the flight, they instruct passengers on safety and serve refreshments. In the event of an emergency, flight attendants play a large role in evacuating the plane and maintaining passenger safety.

Is a Flight Attendant the Same Thing as an Airline Stewardess?

The term stewardess is antiquated, and is no longer used. 2 When that term was in fashion, only women could work as flight attendants and they were often required to be young and attractive; uniforms were meant to sexualize their role as well; and so were the advertisements of that time. The idea was that sexy stewardesses would fill the seats. In truth, the job of a flight attendant is complex and requires far more than a pretty face. Today, these professionals are called flight or cabin attendants.

What Do Flight Attendants Do During Flights?

During a flight, 3 flight attendants will explain all safety procedures and demonstrate the use of safety equipment. They then check to ensure that all passengers have their seat belts fastened, that the luggage is stowed properly, that the aisles are clear, and that electronic use complies with federal standards. They serve beverages and food and generally take care of the passengers until landing. Should the need arise, flight attendants assist passengers with special needs, administer first aid, and direct passengers in emergencies.

How Much Do Flight Attendants Make?

The average annual salary for a flight attendant is between $57,423 and $88,697, however this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors, such as years of experience, and location.

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