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What Are Entry-Level Jobs?

Entry-level jobs are jobs that do not require any previous experience in the role. Most entry-level jobs are aimed at high school or college graduates as a starting point for a future career goal. A college student may have majored in their ideal career field, but will still need to start in an entry-level position to train in a real-world environment. Some students move from internships into entry-level jobs, but most entry-level jobs do not expect a candidate to have any prior employment or on-site training. 1

What Is Entry Level?

Entry level jobs are your way to get a foot in the door to your career path. Unlike trade jobs that may have apprenticeships, prior hands-on experience is not needed to start at entry level. A person with dreams of working in IT can start at an entry level position and gain knowledge through their job. Some entry-level jobs are part-time, and allow candidates to move up to full-time when they have learned the ropes.

What Are Some Entry Level Job Examples?

There is an entry level job in most industries and careers. In food service, an entry level job may be a cashier or a busboy. In engineering, entry level is usually a software engineer or a health and safety engineer. For those looking to move into finance, tellers, accountants, and payroll clerks are examples of entry level jobs. Whatever you have an interest in, there is potentially a job out there for you. 2

What Are the Best Entry-Level Jobs?

The best entry-level job will be the one that speaks to you. Nothing can replace passion and drive in your chosen career field. But the best entry-level jobs are categorized as the ones that pay well, allow for growth, and are available. A collection of jobs was recently showcased on Forbes, and the best entry-level jobs with the highest salary and satisfaction were software engineers, sales representatives, business analysts, financial analysts, and physical therapists. 3

Where Can I Find Entry Level Jobs Near Me?

Finding the right entry level jobs near you is easier than ever with ZipRecruiter . Thousands of entry level jobs are available in every state, and hundreds are uploaded daily by industry Visit ZipRecruiter.com to start your entry level job search.

What Is an Entry Level Salary?

The salary of entry level work depends of the industry. The national average across all industries for entry level work is $28,000. However there are fields that have higher earning potential even at the entry level. A good example is entry level IT work.

Entry-level IT jobs make a good amount of money. Depending on the title, an entry-level IT salary can range from $45,000 to $65,000 a year. Choosing a broad path like IT Specialist will allow you to earn more in the long-run as you have the ability to gain skills in data management, customer support, operating systems, and security. 4

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