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What Do Administrative Assistants Do?

Administrative assistants1 perform various clerical duties of a company, including filing, scheduling appointments, answering the phone, greeting visitors, and generally providing support to other people in the office. An administrative assistant job for those who enjoy working with people and being that go-to person within a company.

What Is an Administrative Assistant Job Description?

The specific description for an administrative assistant role can vary, depending on the position and the employer. A range and skills and some flexibility will serve you well. In general, you can expect to perform a wide variety of administrative and clerical duties, from answering phone calls, to filing and maintaining paperwork, to operating computer systems.

Are Office Assistant Jobs Rewarding?

Yes, working as an administrative assistant can be incredibly rewarding job. You help out in a wide variety of projects and departments and can make meaningful difference across the entire organization. Particularly for people who love stepping up to the plate and lending a helping hand to others in the office, this is a great job for you.

How Do I Get an Administrative Assistant Job With No Experience?

As with any job, applying for administrative assistant jobs with no experience can be frustrating. Typically, most positions ask for a high school diploma or a GED and occasionally, employers prefer that applicants have an associate’s degree. You can volunteer at an organization that may need administrative work to get some experience or participate in classes or certification programs to help set you apart from the competition.

Where Can I Find Administrative Assistant Jobs?

Administrative assistants are employed in a wide variety of industries and offices. You can find employment nearly anywhere—from medical offices to manufacturers. Search by keyword and location on ZipRecruiter.

What Is the Salary for Administrative Assistant Jobs?

Administrative assistants make about $37,230 annually, but are are typically paid hourly.

Minimum Salary: $22,930

Median Salary: $37,230

Maximum Salary: $62,230

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