What Is the Difference Between a Public Accountant, Private Accountant, and CPA?

A public accountant works with a wide range of clients in various industries, while a private accountant typically works within a single industry, often as a direct employee of a company. A CPA is a certified public accountant who has met additional qualifications and completed extra training in the field and takes on more complex responsibilities. As a private accountant, your duties revolve around accounting transactions, such as accounts payable and bookkeeping. As a public accountant, you must understand and analyze accounting systems according to finance industry standards and provide complex financial services to your clients.

What is the ZipRecruiter Compensation Estimate?

To help candidates find their perfect job at their desired pay rate, ZipRecruiter estimates the compensation range for job listings where the employer does not state a pay range.

ZipRecruiter Compensation Estimates are not verified by the employer posting the job, and the actual compensation range for an advertised position may vary, perhaps considerably, from the estimated range.

*ZipEstimates are provided by ZipRecruiter, not by the employer.