What Does an Online Therapist Do?

As an online therapist, your responsibilities are to provide psychological advice on the internet through e-therapy methods like chat, email, or video. Conducting a video session is preferred in this field because it offers the ability to observe patients, match expressions to tone, and provide more personal care. Online therapists also provide other counseling and supportive services, such as speech and language help. Clients vary by platform. Some companies offer general psychological counseling, while other platforms focus on specific age groups or psychological needs. Employers may ask you to work with students, soldiers, convicted individuals, or any other group with special psychological needs.

What is the ZipRecruiter Compensation Estimate?

To help candidates find their perfect job at their desired pay rate, ZipRecruiter estimates the compensation range for job listings where the employer does not state a pay range.

ZipRecruiter Compensation Estimates are not verified by the employer posting the job, and the actual compensation range for an advertised position may vary, perhaps considerably, from the estimated range.

*ZipEstimates are provided by ZipRecruiter, not by the employer.