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Professional Resume Services: Are They Worth It?

By The ZipRecruiter Editors

Professional resume services often boast that they can transform your basic resume into an eye-catching snapshot of your work history that will capture the attention of many potential employers. But these services often cost quite a bit. So is hiring a professional resume writer worth it?

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a resume writer.

Why Would You Think About Hiring a Professional Resume Writer?

Hiring managers only look at a resume for an average of seven seconds before deciding to move forward or pass. Other employers and recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS), a software program that sorts through the first round of resumes based on listed skills and qualifications.

That’s why it’s important to have an outstanding resume that will get you into the “move forward” pile. But knowing how to create an effective one can be difficult and time-consuming. For many, seeking professional help seems like a good idea.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

A professional resume writer may help you present your experience and skills in a way that stands out. Here are the potential advantages of hiring a professional resume writer.

1. Professional Resume Writers Optimize for ATS

As the use of ATS software increases, resumes that are overly designed and hard to read or lack the proper keywords have a high chance of getting cut before an actual person reads them.

A professional resume writer knows how to use the keywords and phrases essential to your desired position and industry. They can format your resume so that it’s easily scannable and friendly to people and ATS software.

2. Resume Writers Know Hiring Trends

The hiring process is constantly evolving. Even if you change jobs every few years, a lot may have changed since your last job search.

A professional resume writer usually stays up to date with industry trends. They should know what content, formatting, and presentation are most desired.

3. Professional Resume Writers Can Find the Right Language

If writing skills are not your strength, a professional resume writer may be a great bridge to communicate your experience and expertise. They know how to use persuasive language and can frame your accomplishments to get the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

A professional resume writer can also help you identify the most relevant and engaging details to present on your resume.

4. Professional Resume Writers Will Have Attention to Detail

For hiring managers and recruiters who look at resumes all day long, spelling and grammar mistakes stand out and reflect poorly on you, even if you are more than qualified for the position. A professional resume writer will help you generate an error-free resume with a positive tone.

Job seekers often list responsibilities instead of accomplishments in the bullet points below each job. A skilled resume writer will ensure you present a well-formatted and compelling story.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer

But utilizing a professional resume service is not right for everyone.  There are some disadvantages and limitations to hiring a resume writer.

1. The Process Takes Time

You may have to wait a couple of weeks or longer for the writer to have the bandwidth to complete your resume. Then, there can be a revision process. It’s important to be mentally ready for this delay.

2. Not All Professional Writers Are Experts

If you see an offer for professional resume writing that appears too good to be true, it probably is! You should expect to spend between $100 to $600 for a professionally written resume, and quality writing takes time.

Some services offer low rates but then hire inexperienced writers who do not give you the advantage you want. Do your research on any company or writer before you hire. Ideally, they are not only experienced in writing resumes, but are also experts in your industry.

3. You Still Need to Be Involved in the Process

You may think that by paying a few hundred dollars, you can hand over all the work and expect to get back a golden ticket to all the jobs you want. But the reality is that the writer will need a lot of information from you.

Once they get started, there will likely be some back-and-forth communication by email or phone. You will also need to review what they send you and may need to ask for revisions before arriving at a satisfactory final version.

4. Guarantees Can Be Misleading

Some resume writing services offer an interview guarantee. This often means that you can have your resume rewritten if you don’t get an interview.

The limitation of this guarantee is if they did not do a great job the first time, having them rewrite your resume may not be the solution. It’s better to find a qualified, experienced, expert writer.

Resume Writing Is Writing, Not Magic

Resume writing is writing. If you are a strong writer with experience in your field, you probably don’t need professional help. Similarly, if you don’t have the experience and skills to land your target job, there isn’t much a writer can do for you.

The best time to hire a professional resume writer is when you are looking for a raise, more responsibility, or a promotion. A qualified resume writer can help you frame your skills and experience to stand out.

Either way, once your resume is finished, you must tailor it as you apply to different jobs. Adjusting your resume to highlight the most relevant experience, achievements, and skills for each position gives you an advantage over the competition.

The bottom line is that a professional resume writer can help, but it’s not a magic bullet. Finding the right job is a process, and it’s your consistent effort that will land you the job you want.

The ZipRecruiter Editors

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