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How to Ace a Video Interview - 3 Tips from the ZipRecruiter CEO

By The ZipRecruiter Editors

During the coronavirus pandemic, ZipRecruiter CEO Ian Siegel appeared on Good Morning America via video interview to share his tips on how to ace a virtual job interview.

Here are his three rules to have a successful video interview: 

  1. Over-groom. Look professional and well put together, and resist the temptation to stay in your pajama pants and slippers below your shirt or blazer.

  2. Pay attention to your lighting and background. Of course, none of us lives in a Hollywood studio. And nobody expects your background to look like a magazine cover. But you do have some control over your environment when you do a video interview. Make sure your background is neat and tidy, and try to be lit from the front, not the back. Avoid showing your interviewer an unmade bed or a messy room.

  3. Lean forward. Start your interview with the words “I am so excited to be here because…” and then fill in the blank with something specific, based on your research about the company and the role. Doing so will signal interest and show that you’ve done your homework. When you smile and show enthusiasm, it triggers others to like you. Have pen and paper in hand and take notes during the interview. That will also show that you are interested and paying attention.      

More remote interview advice from Ian:

What should you do if the unexpected happens and your children barge in or your pet starts making a racket? Have a laugh and stay cool. Demonstrate how well you handle tense situations, and show the employer you are ready for anything.  

If you are interviewed by a bot instead of a person and have to record your answers using an on-demand virtual interview app, pretend that you are speaking to someone you like and respect. Smile and signal your enthusiasm all the same.

The ZipRecruiter Editors

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