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Job Interview Tips for High School Students

By Jessica L. Mendes

You put in a job application, and now the manager wants you to come in for a job interview.

This is great news, but….What should you expect from a job interview? How do you prepare?

A job interview is simply a meeting so you and your potential employer can get to know each other better. The goal is to figure out if you are a good fit for the job and if the job is a good fit for you.

Here are some tips to help to rock your job interview.

Before: Dress for Success

Did you know it takes just seven seconds for a first impression to form? Making the best possible first impression starts before you even leave for your job interview.

Take time getting ready so that you look your best. Dress nicely in clean clothes without rips or stains. Avoid wearing shorts or tank tops. Skirts and dresses are okay if they are not too short or flashy. A polo or button-up shirt with black or khaki pants is a good go-to outfit for job interviews.

During: Make a Good Impression

Introduce yourself and shake hands with the interviewer. Smile, speak clearly, and make eye contact.

Be prepared to answer questions about your skills, personality, and past experiences. Your interviewer will likely ask you hypothetical questions about how you would handle certain on-the-job situations, like “How would you deal with an angry customer?”

Consider bringing a notebook with questions you have about the job. You can write important details that you learn during your interview. Make sure to write down the name of your interviewer and their contact information.

After: Make Sure to Follow Up

This is the time to really showcase your manners. One or two days after your interview, send a short email or make a quick phone call to follow up. Thank your interviewer for taking the time to talk with you and be sure to mention that you are excited about the opportunity to work at the company.

Written by Jessica L. Mendes.

Jessica L. Mendes

Jessica L. Mendes, a former contributor to ZipRecruiter, is a writer and professional reader providing author support, content creation, and curriculum design services. She writes for a range of industries, including education, employment, law, technology, medicine, sales, and corporate interior design. Connect with Jessica via LinkedIn or

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