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How College Students Can Find Part-Time Jobs

By The ZipRecruiter Editors

There are many ways college students can find work using school resources, online tools, and networking

As college students return to campus this year, many of them will be looking for part-time jobs. Finding work can sometimes be a challenge, especially when everyone is returning to school at the same time and competing for the same job openings. This year may feel particularly intimidating since many students haven’t been on campus for over a year and need to start the search from scratch. 

Fortunately, there are many factors working in their favor. First off, there are a lot of jobs available out there. Also, everybody is in the same boat, trying to lock something down as life gets back to normal. Like most things, the ways job seekers look for work is evolving.  

What percent of college students have jobs?

Close to half of students work part-time

Many students have jobs. In fact, 43% of people who are fully enrolled in college have some type of part-time job. If you are going to school in a college town, there’s a good chance that seasonal work is available, as business picks up when school is in session. 

What are the best jobs for college students? 

As we’ve covered before, there is no one-size-fits all role for college students looking to take on part-time work. One way to decide is by making a list of priorities. Those may include flexible schedules, learning more about an industry, gaining experience and skills, growing out their network, or the highest paying opportunities. Whatever the reason, there are many ways that students can go about finding a job that meets their needs. 

Where can you find good jobs for college students?

There are many ways to find work on or near a college campus 

Sometimes it takes some creative thinking to find opportunities where others may not be looking. A lot of them don’t require you to leave campus—or even your dorm. Below are some not-so-obvious ways to find college student jobs:

Look Into Your School’s Human Resources Department

This office will likely have an overview of all available jobs on campus

Everyone who works at your school, from the professors to the administrators to the library staff, is an employee of the institution. Chances are that they were hired through the human resources department, or processes it established. Look up the contact information of the campus HR office and call, email, or visit to find out about available openings. They may even have open opportunities listed on their website.

Drop by Your Major Department’s Office

Work with people you know in an area you’re familiar with 

If you have declared a major or minor area of study, then you likely have already visited the office where that department’s business is conducted. These departments usually have opportunities available, such as administrative work, teacher’s assistant roles to work with students and grade papers, or tutoring opportunities to help other students who are looking for extra help.

Check the Campus Career Center

Relationships with local businesses put them in the know about open roles

These offices often have relationships with many companies, large and small. A lot of people think of the career center as a place to go to find summer internships or jobs after graduation. While their overall focus and programming may be focused on long-term careers and post-school opportunities, career centers have relationships with these businesses year-round. They can be in a position to hear about needs in the area or be able to make introductions to employers in the neighborhood.

Sign up for Job Sites Like ZipRecruiter

Job sites enable you to filter for what you’re looking for and can alert you when they become available

Obviously we think ZipRecruiter is a great place to find part-time jobs for college students. Because it is! Signing up for job sites have many benefits, like the ability to create a job profile once and use it to apply for multiple jobs. It also allows you to filter for part-time roles for college students, or along other interests like industry, location, or even specific opportunities like online jobs for college students that allow you to work remotely. These sites can also deliver emails with available jobs based on your experience, interests, and salary requirements. And it’s all free. If you don’t have a ZipRecruiter job seeker profile, create one today.

Ask Your Professors

They live, work, and have connections in the local community

When your professors aren’t teaching on campus, they are living off-campus outside the college bubble. Unlike students who live in the dorms or mostly socialize with other students, many professors live locally and know people in the community who you may not ever have the opportunity to meet. If you have an advisor or there is another educator you have a connection with, ask if they have heard of any open roles or know of anyone to whom they can make an introduction.

Post on Social Media

Your network can be one of your most valuable assets 

If you’re like most college students, you’re already spending a good amount of time on social media. Put it to work for you! Post that you are looking for work—being as specific as possible—and request that your connections reach out with any leads. The broader the circle that you alert about your search, the more likely you’ll find someone who can help out.

Visit Businesses in Person

Make an impression and find out more by meeting face-to-face

Whether or not a business has made it public that they are looking to fill a position, going in person and introducing yourself to the manager is a good way to stick out from a crowd. It could also be a way to get the inside scoop on whether they have any openings or expect to in the future. It is also an opportunity to meet other people who work there, find out how they got the position, and see if they know of any jobs anywhere else in town. There may be a cafe next door, a store down the street, or a place they used to work that is seeking to hire.

The ZipRecruiter Editors

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