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The Best Jobs for ENTP Personality Types?

By The ZipRecruiter Editors

As an ENTP, you have the potential to knock your career out of the park. All it takes is finding suitable ENTP jobs and doing some hard work along the way. You’ll be an essential asset to your employers and colleagues. Read on to discover eight top ENTP jobs and why they might be good for you.

What Is an ENTP?

This Meyers-Briggs personality type stands for extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perception, and is often referred to as the “debater” of the personalities. ENTP personalities need to know every side of a story. Their key characteristics are originality, energy, and an insatiable drive to know everything about a subject or idea.

ENTPs are arguers by nature. They question everything to get to the root of the matter. It can be a strength in a setting such as a courtroom, but there are also times when it can be a drawback in everyday life. ENTPs like to argue, and they want to be blunt. But those same traits also allow them to explore new ideas and innovate. The Enneagram test, another personality measurement, sees the ENTP personality correspond to the types that rebel at boredom and need to find something to build or design to occupy their minds. It should come as no surprise that inventor Thomas Edison is said to have been an ENTP, as was writer Mark Twain. 

What Are ENTPs Like in the Workplace?

When it comes time to brainstorm a new campaign or idea, ENTPs are the most important people in the room. That’s because they have already looked at every angle of every problem in their minds and are bursting to share new ways to fix things. Their quick thinking can leave others in the dust, but when the rest of the room catches up, the ENTP’s ideas are the ones that shine. Finding a solution, fixing a problem, or solving a problem from an entirely new point of view is where ENTPs flourish.

What Are the Best Careers for ENTPs?

Since this personality isn’t as keen on practical matters as it is on creative brainstorming, the best careers for ENTPs are those that allow them to put their intellect and problem-solving skills to work. Jobs that require routine or attention to small details are not for ENTPs. Let’s explore some of the best-suited roles for the ENTP personality.

1. Stock Trader

When it comes to looking at the big picture and finding creative ways around set ideas, the ENTP feels right at home as a stock trader. This job requires intelligence and fast thinking and often requires making important decisions on your feet. Stock traders buy and sell stocks and securities. Since they must be strong negotiators, the debate skills of the ENTP come in handy.

2. Engineer

The ENTP is sometimes known as the inventor or engineer of the personalities. Why not take that literally? Engineers are technically minded problem-solvers, and they have to apply numerical and scientific expertise. They understand complex mathematical data for design and troubleshooting and they can solve problems before most people even spot them.

3. Lawyer

For a person who likes an intelligent debate, the role of a lawyer is a solid fit. Arguing in a court is just one side of the job, but combined with the sharp skills needed to maintain and grow, it is a fit for the ENTP. Lawyers compile and maintain case files, adhere to court requirements, and act as an advocate to a list of clients. They must be up to date on the law and legal changes, and are required to continue their education throughout their careers.

4. Operations Manager

An operations manager is responsible for the overall efficiency of a business. This means developing strategies to improve efficiency and productivity, as well as managing the supervising, hiring, and training of other employees. For ENTPs who want to brainstorm with like-minded individuals, this job allows them to pick their teammates and improve the company with new ideas.

5. Relationship Manager

Knowing every side of the story is  second-nature for an ENTP. Relationship managers are the outgoing and customer service-oriented generators of new business opportunities and sales. They meet with clients, educate them about their organization’s services, and guide them to make the best decisions.

6. Film Producer

Film producers are like the CEO of a movie. They make the big decisions, finance the film, and oversee everything from development to post-production and distribution. For an ENTP movie-lover, it’s a role that requires creativity, new ideas, and the dedication to keep dreaming big.

7. Public Relations Specialist

A public relations specialist position requires a charismatic individual who will serve as the public image of a company or organization. This is someone who can showcase and defend a company’s strengths and has the knowledge and understanding of an industry and business to back up claims. That’s where the ENTP comes in—promoting and creating press releases, videos, and media folders to share info and promote the business is right up this individual’s alley.

8. Training Manager

Confidently speaking, brainstorming, and being the center of attention? Perfect for the ENTP. Training managers are responsible for overseeing, designing, developing, coordinating, and running both large- and small-scale training programs. This is an excellent job for an ENTP, which requires speaking to large groups of people and creating new ways to achieve the organization’s training goals.

Why Is it Important to Match Your Job to Your Personality?

Your nature is to argue. Some people might take issue with that, but if they step back, they’ll see that you don’t disagree with others for the sake of disagreeing. You do so because you want to come up with solutions. And that’s an amazing attribute.

You might find yourself challenging the norm because your innovative thinking lets you see what others might miss. You’ll also pick up on abnormalities sooner than others because of your keen perceptiveness.

Now let’s put all of this in perspective. 

Let’s say you take a job that requires you to follow direct orders and patterns without being able to question your colleagues and superiors. Will you be happy with your job? The answer is a resounding “no!” 

What happens when someone like you takes a job where they can’t shape how they do things or at least be part of the process of determining the way forward? They’re not happy because their talents aren’t being used and because they end up doing things in ways they deem wrong or inefficient. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to find ENTP jobs that use your talents to their fullest. It will enable you to feel fulfilled, grow, and be your best throughout your career.

Sharpen Your Skills and Be Your Best

People often feel slighted when they’re questioned, so you might have to figure out how to communicate concerns in a manner that pleases others. You might also have to perfect your methods of presenting ideas to others so they don’t feel overwhelmed when you offer solutions they should have produced.  Look for jobs like the ENTP careers presented here, where your personality will shine and your talents will be put to good use. You’ll do great wherever you end up working, but these jobs can make you feel helpful and fulfilled.

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