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10 Best Trade School Jobs Paying At Least $60,000 a Year

By The ZipRecruiter Editors

The 10 Best Jobs for Trade School Graduates Paying At Least $60,000 a Year

Many pursue a college degree after high school to open up more career opportunities and higher earning potential. But a bachelor’s degree program isn’t the right path for everyone. Maybe you don’t want to spend four more years in school; maybe you don’t want to spend the money on a four-year degree; or maybe you would prefer to gain an education that trains you to enter the workforce in your chosen profession. 

Trade schools, also called vocational schools, offer training for a wide range of career opportunities for skilled trade jobs in fields like Health Care, IT, Construction, and more. These programs typically have open enrollment (that’s no long application process!), last two years or less, and provide education and training for a specific career. Many trade careers also have great earning potential.

Top Trade Jobs

1. Network Architect$135,444

A network architect maintains an organization’s computer network. As a network architect, your job is to design, monitor, and implement changes to the computer systems. Typical duties include evaluating new technologies, installing new software and hardware, analyzing the performance of networks, and providing troubleshooting assistance. An essential part of the job is monitoring network security, spotting security flaws before they are manipulated, and staying current with the latest industry technologies. The job requires experience with large computer networks as well as data communication systems.

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2. Database Administrator$85,778

A database administrator manages, stores, and organizes data using specialized software. In this career, your responsibilities include making sure that the data is accessible to customers or users while remaining secure from attack by unauthorized persons. Your specific job duties include developing ways to organize the data for easy access, monitoring data usage, backing up data to prevent data loss during an emergency or system failure, and merging older databases into newer ones to integrate old information into the new structures.

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3. Cardiovascular Technologist$81,000

As a cardiovascular technologist, you operate advanced diagnostic equipment to help treat heart conditions. Your job duties include operating and monitoring this equipment during invasive and noninvasive procedures, preparing patients for procedures, conducting cardiovascular tests, and producing detailed reports for physicians focused on the recorded diagnostic information. A cardiovascular technologist regularly communicates with engineers and technicians in the cardiac department to ensure all equipment is functioning properly. Your role is essential to developing effective treatment plans for patients.

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4. Project Construction Manager$86,000

As a project construction manager, you oversee construction projects from start to finish. Your duties include planning and supervising a variety of construction projects. You are responsible for overseeing the scheduling of contractors, workers, and shipments. You organize budgets and timelines, hire labor, and consult with architects and engineers to ensure the project complies with all building codes and state and federal regulations.

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5. Radiation Therapist$85,500

As a radiation therapist, you administer radiation treatment to patients who have cancer or other diseases. As part of the oncology team, a radiation therapist collaborates with doctors, nurses, and medical physicists to treat patients. The additional duties of a radiation therapist include explaining treatment plans to patients and answering questions, calibrating and operating machinery to deliver radiation treatment, monitoring patient reactions to treatment, and keeping detailed records of patient care.

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6. Dental Hygienist$74,000

Dental hygienists are licensed dental professionals who work alongside dentists to provide oral healthcare and educate patients about oral hygiene. They perform maintenance cleanings, administer fluoride and polish, and teach patients how to care for their teeth properly.

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7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer$68,000

As a diagnostic medical sonographer, your job is to provide medical scanning for a patient using soundwaves. Some common sonography requested include of this is performing ultrasounds to see if a woman is pregnant, determine if cancer is spreading or in remission, and diagnose cardiovascular issues. Scanning with sonic imaging equipment is a complex role, so most diagnostic medical sonographers limit their activities to using their machine and talking with patients. You can specialize further and focus on areas like doppler sonography, which helps to measure blood flow. Most types of sonography equipment use a transducer to convert the sound waves into an understandable signal.

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8. Elevator Mechanic$67,000

An elevator mechanic installs elevators, escalators, and electrical walkways, as well as other electrical machinery, such as wheelchair lifts and electrical ramps for individuals with physical disabilities. To keep equipment running smoothly, elevator mechanics run electrical tests, perform necessary repairs, and advise building inspectors and contractors on maintenance and repair decisions.

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9. Occupational Therapy Assistant$67,500

Occupational therapy assistants (OTA) work with occupational therapists (OT) to help patients with disabilities to develop skills for daily living. They work with patients to complete activities, use helpful tools and devices, and practice skills and positive behaviors. They also help facilitate sessions by setting up, transporting patients, and completing administrative tasks.

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10. Computer Programmer$62,000

A computer programmer writes computer software. This term can refer to someone who writes code for a variety of software programs, or a specialist who works in a specific area of computer programming. Software engineers, software analysts, software developers, and computer scientists fall under the umbrella of computer programming.

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