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What Is a Work From Home Payroll Clerk and How to Become One

Work From Home Payroll Clerk

What Does a Work From Home Payroll Clerk Do?

As a work from home payroll clerk, you collect information from employees and timekeeping systems and then help process direct deposits, mail checks, and manage taxes like employee withholdings. In this home-based role, you may examine each employee's time card, work with standard office software, ensure the accuracy of all information, and maintain records of all transactions. Other duties include performing data entry, contacting resources to resolve problems, responding to external information requests, helping add new employees and contractors to the payroll system, notifying managers of any problems, and otherwise keeping the payroll process functioning as smoothly as possible.

How to Become a Work From Home Payroll Clerk

The minimum qualifications to become a work from home payroll clerk are a high school diploma or GED certificate, with some employers preferring an associate degree. While not required, employers also prefer candidates to have some experience with payroll systems and standard office software, such as Microsoft Office. Most companies require you to attend in-person training to learn relevant policies, procedures, and computer systems before allowing you to work from home. Fulfilling the responsibilities of this remote job also requires attention to detail, typing and communication skills, and the ability to prioritize tasks. You also need a reliable computer with internet access to work from home.