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What Is a Visual Artist and How to Become One

Visual Artist

What Does a Visual Artist Do?

A visual artist creates works of art using a variety of materials. As a visual artist, your duties may be to draw images, work with paint, develop murals, design in 3D, or create art with mixed media. While many visual artists create art solely to display in galleries and sell to collectors, you can also work in a variety of other fields. Your responsibilities vary with the position, but you can work as an advertising specialist, marketing director, CAD designer, product designer, and more. Visual artists can also work in the movie industry, develop video games, or create brand images for a company. Social media is another growing area where visual artists can create content.

How to Become a Visual Artist

The qualifications to become a visual artist start with a bachelor's or master's degree in fine arts. You can complete classes in art history, studio art, graphic design, and other areas specific to your art interests. Many employers offer internships for you to gain hands-on experience. Employers prefer candidates who are familiar with their specific field, such as advertising or publishing. If you choose an art style or profession that utilizes 3D computer software, technical knowledge and proficiency with related programs are essential. Having a developed portfolio shows employers your experience and artistic skills.