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What Is a Vision Therapist and How to Become One

Vision Therapist

What Does a Vision Therapist Do?

The duties of a vision therapist involve providing therapy and rehabilitation services to patients with eye concerns. Your responsibilities vary depending on the clinic’s or employer’s needs. You may perform exercises to help a patient regain eye function after a surgical or non-surgical procedure. You may help assess a patient’s needs and then create a treatment or rehab plan. Some vision therapists help patients adjust to new vision devices, or they help people with low vision learn to function in everyday environments.

What Are the Qualifications to Become a Vision Therapist?

The skills and qualifications you need to work as a vision therapist include a degree and professional training. Most employers expect a college degree in a medical field, though this may not be required if you work closely with an optometrist. Some employers seek applicants with a background in education or teaching, especially for positions that involve pediatric vision therapy. After gaining work experience, you can apply to become a certified vision therapist from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.