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What Is a Virtual Medical Assistant and How to Become One

Virtual Medical Assistant

What Does a Virtual Medical Assistant Do?

Virtual medical assistants perform administrative tasks to help a healthcare facility run smoothly. In this remote position, your responsibilities include entering patient data into files, maintaining a database of records, scheduling appointments for patients, and collecting information for patient health assessments online or over the phone. In some virtual medical assistant jobs, you also work with the medical billing staff to verify insurance coverage before the physician or other clinical staff provides treatment to a patient and submit billing information to insurance companies after the services are completed. Virtual medical assistants may also follow up with patients to check on the status of their condition or direct incoming calls to the appropriate medical professional.

How to Become a Virtual Medical Assistant

To become a virtual medical assistant, you need a high school diploma or equivalent. Most of these jobs do not require a post-secondary degree, but taking medical billing courses or completing a certificate program in medical assisting, health information services, or a related field may make you more competitive in the job market. Some employers require experience in data entry, customer service, or a related field. Many virtual medical assistants start their career with an in-house position to gain experience in administrative tasks required in a medical office before seeking remote positions. As a virtual medical assistant, you need to be self-motivated and have a reliable internet connection.