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What Is an UX Designer Contract and How to Become One

UX Designer Contract

What Does a Contract UX Designer Do?

UX stands for user experience, and as a contract UX designer, your duties revolve around ensuring that an application or website is functional, visually appealing, and easy to use. You are a temporary member of the project team, and you collaborate with software developers and QA specialists to customize and refine the user experience. With each contract you work on, your primary responsibilities typically include analyzing the current user experience to make changes or designing a new application or website using a framework. You also provide strategic guidance regarding functionality and requirements to business and product leaders as well as the development team.

How to Become a Contract UX Designer

To become a contract UX designer, you need a strong familiarity with leading UX design frameworks as well as a solid portfolio of past projects. Many employers prefer candidates with qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in interactive or visual design, plus significant experience in agile software or web development. Additionally, you should be an excellent problem solver with great listening skills, and you must be able to empathize with users to understand what they need and how they expect an application or website to behave. Finally, you need to be open-minded and ready to receive and act upon feedback.