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What Is a Travel Pharmacy Technician and How to Become One

Travel Pharmacy Technician

What Does a Travel Pharmacy Technician Do?

The job duties of a travel pharmacy technician involve working with a pharmacist to prepare medication, take refill orders, interact with pharmacy customers, and help stock medications in the pharmacy. Working alongside a pharmacist, you may assist with dose measurement, compounding, and prescription filling. A travel pharmacy technician moves from pharmacy to pharmacy depending on staffing needs. You may work at different locations within one chain of pharmacies or work through an agency with different pharmacies. Positions are temporary and may last for weeks or months.

How to Become a Travel Pharmacy Technician

The qualifications and skills that you need to start a career as a travel pharmacy technician include education, certification, and a willingness to travel. Requirements vary by state and may depend on your job responsibilities. Some states require technicians to register, but you do not need certification or a license to work in a pharmacy. Other states may require that workers be certified pharmacy technicians. Most employers require a certificate or associate degree in pharmacy studies or a pharmacy technician program, though some may accept prior experience if you have the necessary certification.