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What Is a Travel Nurse Assistant and How to Become One

Travel Nurse Assistant

What Does a Travel Nurse Assistant Do?

As a travel nurse assistant, you travel to each assignment location for the duration of your contract. This often involves traveling to areas that are underserved by medical staff, so you may also support education initiatives as you provide healthcare to each patient. In your role as a travel nursing assistant, you stay up-to-date with medical guidelines, provide a variety of clinical services, and follow the directions of a doctor or senior nurse while caring for patients. Most travel nursing assistants work for a standard 13-week contract, but you may occasionally be asked to provide long-term care for a specific patient. Travel nursing assistants often work with an agency to find jobs, but this is not mandatory.

How to Become a Travel Nurse Assistant

The primary qualifications for becoming a travel nurse assistant are a CNA license and some nursing experience. The requirements for a certified nursing assistant license vary by state but usually include completing a training program, submitting an application, passing a background check, and passing a certification exam. Some people, including registered nurses and licensed practical nurses, may be able to skip most or all of the regular requirements thanks to previous training being considered more than sufficient. Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a travel nurse assistant requires communication skills, the ability to work both independently and under supervision, and strict adherence to patient safety and privacy guidelines.