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What Is a Tradesman and How to Become One


What Is a Tradesman?

A tradesman or tradesperson is a skilled laborer in a specialized occupation, such as an electrician, plumber, CNC machinist, HVAC technician, welder, carpenter, painter, or steelworker to name a few. As a tradesman, your job duties include performing tasks specific to your trade, troubleshooting and solving problems, working with a team as well as independently, and traveling to work sites to complete a job. You may be in a position that requires interaction with clients, so good customer service and interpersonal skills are beneficial for this job.

How to Become a Tradesman

The minimum qualifications to begin a career as a tradesman or tradesperson are to be at least 18 years of age and to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. certificate. Taking courses in math and science help you build the knowledge base you need for most skilled trades. After high school, you can attend a community college or vocational school to earn an associate degree or certificate in your chosen field. Whether you pursue post-secondary education or not, the next step to becoming a tradesman is to complete an apprenticeship with a master tradesperson in your field.

How to Be a Good Tradesman

To be a good tradesman or tradesperson, you must know the safety requirements and regulations of your job to avoid needless accidents and injuries to yourself or members of your team. Strong communication skills are also essential to being a successful tradesman. You must communicate clearly and efficiently with your team and your customers. Through your apprenticeship, you gain the background knowledge and hands-on experience you need to build or repair a product skillfully. Soft skills like problem-solving, attention to detail, and customer service can also help you succeed in this career.