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What Is a Toy Designer and How to Become One

What Does a Toy Designer Do?

As a toy designer, you handle the entire lifecycle of the development of a new toy. Your responsibilities are to design sketches, assess materials needed, create a prototype, consult on requirements, assist with product testing, and modify to deliver the final product. You work to build toys from concepts to production. Your duties may include researching audience preferences, discussing marketing strategies, observing focus groups, and working with various departments to ensure a successful product. You also review popular toy qualifications including functionality, demand, and educational benefits.

How to Become a Toy Designer

To become a toy designer, you typically need a bachelor's degree in toy design, architecture, or a related field. You also need knowledge of child psychology, learning development, toy design, and marketing concepts. Employers prefer applicants with developed portfolios of sketches, photographs, and packaging backed with accurate research. To excel as a toy designer, you must have strong design skills, creativity, and an understanding of your audience. Your duties also require an understanding of materials used in toys, general business knowledge, manufacturing methods, and proficiency with computer-aided design software.