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What Is a Textbook Writer and How to Become One

Textbook Writer

What Does a Textbook Writer Do?

A textbook writer develops textbooks to educate students according to the specifications of their publisher. As a textbook writer, your typical duties are to write a book outline to gain approval from the publisher, develop the content for the book, and add a lesson or review questions at the end of the chapters, depending on the subject and type of textbook. Other responsibilities may include creating textbooks for a school or academic institution, updating existing books for schools and publishers to reprint, developing learning guides for students to use along with the primary manual, adapting books to other formats, such as ebooks, and ensuring the accuracy of information.

How to Become a Textbook Writer

The specific qualifications to become a textbook writer vary depending on the subject matter and type of textbook. Publishers typically require expertise in the subject you are writing about. For example, you usually need at least a master’s degree in biology to write textbooks for high school biology classes. However, if you are writing books for preschool students, a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education may be sufficient. Along with excellent writing ability, strong research skills and critical thinking to discern false information are important. Proficiency with computer software and word processing programs like Microsoft Word are also helpful for this career.