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What Is a Temporary Service and How to Become One

What Are Temporary Service Jobs?

Temporary service jobs cover a variety of short-term positions that help companies meet special staffing needs. For example, some companies make most of their sales in one season and need additional customer support representatives at that time, but not during the rest of the year. Rather than hiring full employees, businesses often turn to a staffing agency that can provide as many workers as needed. Temp recruit jobs usually require a small amount of training above and beyond the basic skill set workers are tested for, and the employer provides this training. Temporary service jobs should not be confused with seasonal positions that companies do hire employees for—while they are similar, the lack of a staffing agency in the middle changes the dynamics and function of seasonal jobs.

What Are the Qualifications to Get a Temporary Service Job?

The primary qualifications for temporary service jobs are familiarity with computers and the ability to meet minimum standards in categories like typing speed and reading comprehension. Temporary service workers are not necessarily experts in a field, and employers do not expect that—instead, they are looking for workers who meet certain minimum standards and can quickly learn the other details of the job. Fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of these jobs requires prompt attendance every day, excellent communication skills, a commitment to learning, and familiarity with an office environment. Temporary service jobs usually focus on clerical work or customer service, but employers may also look for event coordinators or other specialists.