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What Is a Telemedicine Nurse and How to Become One

What Is the Job of a Telemedicine Nurse?

The job duties of a telemedicine nurse often involve providing healthcare services over the phone or internet. As an RN in this field, you may interact with patients over the phone and assess their condition, answer questions, and discuss treatment options. After a consultation, you may help coordinate further treatment if necessary. A telephone triage nurse works at a hospital or clinic to assess patient conditions, while other nurses provide healthcare advice for minor ailments that do not require medicine or a physician visit. Telehealth is a related term that typically refers to professionals who offer non-clinical consultation.

How Can I Get a Job as a Telemedicine Nurse?

The qualifications that you need to start working as a telemedicine nurse include a nursing degree and license. You begin this career by getting a postsecondary degree in nursing, passing the NCLEX-RN licensing exam, and gaining experience. Since this is a remote position, you need to have the skills to communicate with patients and other professionals over the telephone or online. Some nurses in this field also pursue an ambulatory care certification from the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing.