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What Is a Teenage Tutor and How to Become One

What Are Teenage Tutor Jobs?

Teenage tutor jobs involve assisting students who need additional help with their academic studies. A teen tutor can provide one-on-one peer tutoring in a subject at which they excel. During a session, a tutor may instruct the student in a specific topic or help them with an assignment or exam preparation efforts. The duties of some teen tutors focus on providing learning support for younger students in elementary or middle school. In all tutoring positions, your responsibilities may include lesson preparation and planning and taking time to assess the needs of each student with whom you work.

How to Get a Teenage Tutor Job

The qualifications for teenage tutor jobs include skills in the subject in which you offer tutoring services. Employers typically seek high school students who have achieved excellent grades in the topic in which they tutor. If a tutoring center uses a specific teaching methodology, you may undergo training before starting to work. Like other workers under the age of 18, teen tutors have to abide by local, state, and national child employment regulations. These rules vary by state and city, but they usually include a limit to the number of hours that a teen can work during a day or week.