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What Is a Surgical Sales Representative and How to Become One

Surgical Sales Representative

What Does a Surgical Sales Representative Do?

A surgical sales representative sells medical devices and surgical instruments for use in a clinic or operating room. Your responsibilities may include making presentations to surgeons, nurses, and other staff; demonstrating medical device operation; and handling administrative tasks as necessary. Other duties include attending team meetings, scheduling client proposals, traveling to hospitals to meet with prospective and existing clients, and attending conferences. In a lead role, you may oversee a team in a specific geographic area or division. A surgical sales rep often works in a competitive environment, so communication and time management skills are important to success.

How Can I Become a Surgical Sales Representative?

To become a surgical sales representative, you typically need a postsecondary degree in sales, business, or a healthcare-related field. Exceptional communication skills are essential, as pitching products to busy medical professionals such as surgeons and nurses is one of your primary duties. Many employers prefer candidates with experience working in hospitals or proven sales skills. Being comfortable with medical procedures and healthcare settings is helpful, as a sales rep should be familiar with surgical instruments as well as clinic and operating room needs. You may be asked to step into an operating room or intensive care unit to help explain the function of a medical device, so familiarity with sanitation procedures and the ability to remain professional can help you stand out from other applicants.