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What Is a Student Success Advisor and How to Become One

What Does a Student Success Advisor Do?

Student success advisors offer academic guidance and coaching for students. As a student success advisor, you help students develop educational goals, identify ways to achieve those goals, and track their progress. Your duties include researching programs for students, assisting with class schedules, and following up to see if they require any further assistance. You also work with transfer students, both in and out of the college, to provide a smooth transition; offer non-academic support to all students, such as finding groups or clubs for students to join; and offering resources to ensure they feel comfortable and confident during their school journey.

How to Become a Student Success Advisor

To become a student success advisor, you need a bachelor's degree. You should have experience in the field, such as working as an academic assistant or engaging in a campus setting. Many schools hire alumni for this position. Other qualifications include computer skills, interpersonal communication skills, and familiarity with campus policies. You should be organized and know the requirements for programs within your school as well as resources to share with programs at other schools.