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What Is a Sports Reporter and How to Become One

Sports Reporter

What do Sports Reporters do?

A sports reporter covers news on sporting events, teams, athletes, and fans. These journalists may report on amateur or professional sports teams. They may also work through a variety of media outlets, including print, radio, television, and internet-based publications. Job duties for these reporters include relaying sporting event outcomes, interviewing teams and fans, and partnering with other experts in the field for reports or events.

How to Become a Sports Reporter

To begin a career as a sports reporter, a candidate should first earn a bachelor’s degree in journalism. Students will learn journalistic skills such as feature writing, editing, reporting, and communication. They will take courses in multimedia journalism, sports in society, and English composition. After graduating, aspiring sports reporters should undergo a sports journalism internship, as this is one of the qualifications employers will look for during the hiring process.